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Dream of having your own cute dog? Thanks to Me and My Dogs: Friends Forever, you can have up to three of the cutest pups imaginable and take them with you everywhere you go!

Choose from Labradors, ChowChows and Beagles. Like real dogs, you’ll have to feed, wash, and give them lots of love. Play in the park, teach them tricks or have them compete at the stadium. You can even call them like in real life thanks to the microphone!

Plus, personalize your in-game profile with the camera feature.

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Posted by Rebecca Gunn

Pure bred or pure mutt?

Me and My Dogs: Friends Forever is a curious title: it's unashamed of its Nintendogs roots, but rather than simply following the leader of the pack it earnestly tries to make its own mark. It's a virtual pet sim, focused on raising a small pack of...

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Djrr-ific said:

Sounds like Nintendogs with DSi function... :P

Doesn't have to be a bad game, but I will wait for a review...

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