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Master of Illusion Express titles are mind-boggling magic tricks pulled from the popular Nintendo DS game.

Learn the illusions, practice up, and then amaze your friends. Master of Illusion Express: Shuffle Games will boggle your audience members' minds as they try to figure out how you know exactly what they're thinking. Also included is the bonus Vanishing Card trick, which the Nintendo DSi system performs for your enjoyment.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Does Nintendo's second Master of Illusion DSiWare release stack up any better than the first iteration did?

While the retail version of Master of Illusion was an interesting package, it didn't exactly light up the DS sales charts, nor did it get much love from the media either. So how exactly does a second stripped down version of the game fare as an...

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Cipher said:

Nintendo America apparently says "hi, this is actually 500 Nintendo Points." According to their Nintendo Download press release, anyway.



Kenji510 said:

These games are not even worth to download at all and waste of points too. :p



geek-master said:

may nintendo here are cry ={ but for now lets just go to a nintendo zone and try some ds demos atleat there free accept for gas money :P



LGamer said:

Ju...just... BUY (or download to your R4, DSTT etc. :P) THAT GAME!!! Why should you pay 2 dollar/euro for just 1 stupid trick?!?!

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