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A slightly more portable version of the game "Funny Face" from Master of Illusion/Magic Made Fun for the DS.

A friend of yours picks a card. Then, using this trick, you can determine exactly what card it is.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Is Master of Illusion: Funny Face the magical experience DSiWare fans are hoping for, or is it more of a one-trick pony?

While the retail version of Master of Illusion was an interesting package, it didn't exactly light up the DS sales charts, nor did it get much love from the media either. So how exactly does a stripped down version of the game fare as an inexpensive...

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geek-master said:

guys the master of ilusion is no ilision it uses the ds mic and camra to fool you that its a trick only a 5 year old would be impressed so if you got fooled by tecnolagy your a nobrainer



legochesser said:

@ geek-master: No you're not getting fooled by the DSi mic or Cam. It's just the way it is explained in the "manual".



Simon_Deku said:

It's not using the mic or camera. It couldn't use the camera because it was originally released in 2007 as part of master of illusion for the DS, which was before the DSi! Besides, I own the original game! Some tricks are amazing, but some are lame. Actually, that assist trophy in brawl where the girl plays the gituar is from Master of illlusuon. Did I say to much?

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