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Grab a club, take a swing and pray for a birdie!

Discover a fun-filled experience accessible to anyone. Choose from 4 customizable characters and challenge 45 holes in 3 locations in full 3D: Fiji Beach, the English Countryside and the Scottish Lochs. Enjoy simple controls and even blow into the microphone to add spin to your ball. Take photos with the Nintendo DSi Camera to add them to your profile. Play Hot Seat Multiplayer with friends (on the same Nintendo DSi system) & see who's the best!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Par for the course

On DSiWare, we very recently saw the release of A Little Bit of... Nintendo Touch Golf (Or True Swing Golf Express in North America), a slightly cut-down version of the retail game bearing the same name. We thought it was very competent, and as such felt...

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nazijewzombie said:

come on there's like 2 other golf games coming to dsi nitendo golf and that other one not to mention pro putt domo wich is already out



3230ru said:

Another crappy clone from Gameloft(and as always You get raw game without anything original in it). I wonder who will be crazy enough to download this cheap looking game for mobile phones instead of cool Touch golf?



Djrr-ific said:


Because it looks better maybe. This is in full 3D and it looks gorgeous on the Iphone...

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