Kung Fu Dragon (DSiWare)

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Select your warrior and prepare yourself!

Your destiny awaits you! Deep within the legendary forest, the Mystical Waterfall breathes spirit in the training, inspiring the final challenge. Now, three warriors will face the honorable quest to become the next Kung Fu Dragon.

Kung Fu Dragon is an action game in which the player climbs up an immense waterfall by performing a series of jumps. As a martial artist in training, you must face one of the most difficult tests of skill ever: waterfall climbing.

You can increase your score by climbing higher up the waterfall by jumping between the various footholds that come falling down. However, watch out for the enemies that block your way, defeat them by jumping on them as you continue to climb as high as you can!


  • Select from three different warriors, each with their own skills.
  • Perform combos and earn bonus points.
  • Master the two-step jump, dive and float abilities.
  • Defeat Boss enemies and advance higher up the waterfall.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Since you're climbing a waterfall, you're more of a Kung Fu Salmon

If there's one thing we can say about Kung Fu Dragon, it's that there's really not much to say about Kung Fu Dragon. It's a game that's content to limit itself in nearly every respect, and that's going to earn it its share of detractors, but it's also a...

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tovare said:

Wow, looks like they distilled the most painfull parts of platform games. If they get the level-design and difficulty right this might be a lot of fun.



theblackdragon said:

good god, just from the screenshots i'm having flashbacks to that one horrible waterfall-climbing level in The Lion King for SNES.
/me shudders at the memories

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