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I Must Run! is a skill-based action running game.

Jump across gaps between jail buildings, run through a subway station, and test your reflexes in a deadly dash over construction site cranes. Reach the city center and save your wife. Remember, you have only 24 hours. Let's hope your fitness levels can cope, because you must run!

Once you have completed story mode, try to achieve the highest score in the never-ending run in six available levels: Jail, Subway, Sewers, Construction Site, Suburbs and Rooftops.

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Posted by Mike Mason

Can I bolt?

Held in prison for daring to protect his beloved from an attack, I Must Run!'s nameless protagonist is challenged to break out and run across the city in less than 24 hours for the ultimate prize: his wife's life.Apparently the escape itself poses no...

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James said:

For a while this was the cheapest game on DSiWare. Fixed now! :)



Undead_terror said:

this glitch serves no help in gameplay its just a menu glitch,what you do it you go to the sound option,adjust either the music volume or sound,when your done wait till the man with the flash light is half gone(half visible) in the left side of the screen then leave,if you do it right the man dont move yet he goes across the screen

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