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Based on the classic children's game, Hot and Cold: A 3D Hidden Object Adventure puts you on the job of finding stuff that has mysteriously gone missing. Investigate cases all over town using your innate ability to hone in on things; throw objects out of your way, search through a 3D world and follow your Hot ‘n' Cold meter in the first 3D hidden object adventure!


  • Search for hundreds of missing things in 50 multi-room, indoor and outdoor levels.
  • Use the Hot ‘n' Cold meter to collect items and add them to your collection.
  • Use your stylus to lift and throw objects using real world physics in a 3D world.
  • Change your view of things by turning the DS and playing in "Book Style."
  • Challenge a friend in 3 unique multiplayer modes: Hide ‘n' Seek, Find The Most, and Race.
  • Collect special tokens around the levels to build up your meter and enhance your special powers.
  • Create your own levels and share them with friends over local wireless connection.

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Posted by Desiree Turner

Will it light your fire or stink on ice?

"Find the Hidden Object" games used to be the realm of books and magazine puzzles, but recently computer and video game versions have become more and more popular. This past Monday Majesco Entertainment made their DSi Shop debut with Hot and...

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