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Hell’s Kitchen Vs. recreates the show’s pressure-cooker atmosphere as two players battle head-to-head in an arcade-style kitchen challenge. Try to conquer your opponent in each time management test, while and taking the heat of legendary chef Gordon Ramsay judging and rating your performance at every stage of the game.

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Posted by James Newton

Dog's dinner

Cooking games are ten-a-penny on DS, and it's all Cooking Mama's fault. See, if she hadn't started off getting youngsters interested in preparing food we never would have wound up here, reviewing Hell's Kitchen VS on DSiWare, and for that Ms Mama can...

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3230ru said:

OMG! But who cares?! If there is something worse than games based on movies and cartoons it is for sure games based on TV shows and after that goes games based on the cooooking shooows. This release looks like a strike in the back as for me

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