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Party on, change your very own Nintendo DSi into a discolight.

Choose between several music genres such as Love, Hip Hop, Rock etc. As a special feature the Nintendo DSi makes use of the "Disco Disco“ functionality of Discolight. The Nintendo DSi will then shine to the rhythm of the music that you are currently listening to.

Add several Nintendo DSi systems together and create your very own disco!

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Posted by James Newton

Dancer in the dark

The hotly-anticipated sequel to Flashlight, Discolight is the next big thing to hit DSiWare. Not familiar with it? Well, wait until you hear what it can do.It flashes different colours. In different patterns. Oh yes. Naturally there aren't many...

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Stuffgamer1 said:

How long can it possibly take to make something like this? Announced months ago and still not out...crazy! Not that it's worth waiting for, of course.;)



miketh2005 said:

I can't wait for this game! Com'on when will it be RELEASED ALREDAY! ARRGHHHH!!!! COMON!!!1111!1!11!11



arielp said:

I'm thinking of a app with MIC input, to visualize surrounding music/beat, then the DSi display flash-es/animate accordingly



Dodger said:

It has more content then flashlight at least. Too bad for it that at least Flashlight has a use. :/ I don't quite understand how so many developers have no sense of pride in their work.

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