Deep Sea Creatures Screenshot
Deep Sea Creatures Screenshot
Deep Sea Creatures Screenshot


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  • 15th May 2014, 500 points (USA)
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About This Game

The mystery of the Deep Sea and its species in the Palm of Your Hands.

Aboard a submarine, explore the deep-sea and discover unbelievable creatures that you will be able to bring back with you. As you go into the depths, don't be surprised if you run into Giant Squids or other fish.

Manage the layout of your fish tank not only for aesthetic but also to create good conditions for the species you possess. Adjusting the pressure and current levels as well as feeding the species will be part of their well-being. After some time, on your own you will be able to discern what kind of fish tank can support such species, species that can't cohabit together and much more in order to breed your species. Then your fish will live longer and even be able to reproduce!