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In the outskirts of the kingdom, there are rare crystals containing a secret magical energy inside them.

Rumor has it that a sorcerer is collecting the crystals in a tower for some reason, but no one knows where or if the tower actually exists. As the most famous bounty hunter in the kingdom, you are hired to seek out and investigate the tower’s location. At last you find the tower,but it has already been overrun by a large group of monsters, performing a dark ritual to summon a highly dangerous demon. Although the demon has been summoned, you must stop the continuing ritual and kill the demon before it gains full power, or everything will be destroyed.

Game features:

  • Multiple ways to clear your path, in order to reach the depths of the monster’s lair
  • Frequent decisions available during battle
  • Power up your hero with various resources

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USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

In which "adventure" is revealed to be a relative term

If there's one thing RPG fans enjoy, it's a good story. The quest should be epic, the characters should be interesting, and there should preferably be a few surprising twists along the way as well. Here is the story of Crystal Adventure: you get bored...

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Joygame51 said:

WOW , this actually sounds like fun... but I will wait 'till I see some screen shots and get a bit more of a review... HECK this is the Christmas gift buying time and I'm more then a bit taped out for extra cash... so I'm being a bit more picky about spending my hard earned points .... on the other hand if this is good .... 200 points sounds like a gift in itself!



slidecage said:

i thought the game looked good until i watched the videos ... you dont even fight in this game.. you run into a monster and the AI does it all until either you or the monster runs out of hps ... very lame



Windy said:

I recently played a game on android that is very similar to this cant remember the name but it was all exploration and item collecting. im going to download this for the heck of it I will still have the money for Crimson Shroud next week and this definately looks better than Planet Crashers which is still the worst money Ive spent in the Eshop



Windy said:

I downloaded Crystal Adventure for the Heck of it since it was cheap and although its not some groundbreaking game I find it to be one of the best Cheapy downloads in the Eshop. It's an exploration RPG where you are in some sorta castle structure finding your way through. So far there is no storyline to speak of but lots of Maze Backtracking and Item finding. I think most RPG fans will enjoy this cheapy. It's a 16 bit game and the tiles actually look pretty nice. This is a much better game than Planet Crashers at least in fun factor. If your jonesing for an RPG I would recommend Crystal Adventure as a quick playthrough. It has a very odd Battle engine not much there but it works and is fast. Just be sure to check the level of stuff your attacking. Thank god they added a run button. No storyline but its a fun mouse and maze throwback RPG and one of the better 1.99 games. Don't get caught up in killing everything you can backtrack and get them later and haul in the treasure they protect. My recommendation is if you cant kill something move on and come back to it later. At first I was like what the hell! But as I played more I just could not stop. I want to see whats in the lower level dungeon. By the way you have no control over battles the only thing you can do is stay and fight or run. if your high enough level and have a good sword or armor you might win but if your low level run like the wind LOL

There are save points in the game find those and use them to your advantage they are huge in your success



Joygame51 said:

Thanks for all your posts Windy!
I just might cough up the 200 points for this game sounds like you have enjoyed it.
It still sounds pretty good to me to. However I'm gonna wait for the review ... since I have to much to do to spend much time even on a quicky rpg. CHRISTMAS comes but once a year ...and for me its busy busy busy time.



slidecage said:

i may have to pick it up sunday but im waiting for that other RPG game to hit the 3ds shop thursday..maybe pick both up at once



Windy said:

There is a bad thing about the game. I have had to start my game over 2 times now because you get trapped with absolutely nowhere to go. I dont know that they playtested the game with this kind of flaw. The game is alot of fun but the fact you can get trapped and have to start over can be annoying. I haven't beat the game yet and this may actually be part of the game if the game ends up short. I will find out soon. I am becomming real careful when the game saves at a save point. The game is way better than planet Crashers at least in the fun department its an interesting concept I would love to see them expand on the battle system similar to Dragon Tower and also polish the game so you cannot get stuck. Otherwise the gameplay is very interesting mix of item searching and collecting. I think the game was terribly rushed and seems it could have been made into something really good instead of a bargain game. the game came out of nowhere. I am constantly poking around lookin for new releases here and there and didnt hear of nor see this title coming. Thats what leaves me to believe the game may have been rushed or maybe even not finished at its release

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