Crash-Course Domo (DSiWare)

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In Crash-Course Domo, you’ll guide Domo across the finish line in six increasingly difficult bicycle races.

Steer Domo around other racers and patches of rough terrain, pedaling as fast as his stubby legs will allow.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Sometimes less is more, and sometimes less is less

When you have mini-games like the Domo releases that are so simple in design and execution, it's difficult to review them as separate entities. Crash-Course Domo is basically a bicycle racing game that's extremely basic and easy to pick up, but features...

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TheEmulationZones said:

Lame, Just Like Other Domo's, Don't Even Know What It Is! Some Puppet Bear? Sheesh Nintendo This Better Be For 200 Points!



Grumble said:

Ohhh, so that's what that little brown guy's name is... I always wondered... I will def be picking up these 5 titles today!

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