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When, fearing the outbreak of war, the government of the Green Planet surrendered to “The Empire”, The Empire sent a commander called Vilost to the planet.

The new rulers then imposed heavy taxes and assumed military control, leaving the people to suffer extreme hardship under the strict regime.

A revolt finally broke out, and a rebel leader emerged in the south of the planet. With the leader, the revolt grew in strength and number against The Empire. The leader is a woman called Veronica, and she is attempting to release the citizens imprisoned by the regime who are eager to join her rebel army.

You were once a great soldier. In joining the revolt, your objective, as well as that of your new forces, is to drive The Empire from your planet!

  • The great essence of Castle Conqueror combined with an all new SLG style, delivered in over 20 hours of play time.
  • Enjoy 9 chapters in this story (2 modes of difficulty) as you collect items, upgrade abilities, and slew of other features awaiting your discovery!!!

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Posted by Philip J Reed

We can beat them, for ever and ever

About a year ago, Circle Entertainment released Castle Conqueror, a quirky and simple RTS that was also very addictive and fun. If we had any real complaints about it, it was that the charming simplicity somewhat prevented it from achieving any...

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DePapier said:

Haven't made my homework yet, but is this like an indie-Fire Emblem or something?



DePapier said:

Made my homework (I mean I bought the game): just playing it the first time made me understand why Fire Emblem is just a AWESOME series in its genre...

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