Cake Ninja XMAS (DSiWare)

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Slide the stylus across the screen to slice snowballs into small pieces like a true Ninja warrior.

The more snowballs you slice, the longer you stay around, and the longer you survive, the higher your score. How long can you last?

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Christmas is cancelled

Long time readers of Nintendo Life will be acutely aware of the fact that we’re not the biggest fans of Cypronia’s Cake Ninja series. The two titles released so far have both received scathing critiques from our staff, which is why we approached this...

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User Comments (8)



Sforzando said:

Wow, NL...not even going to grace this one with a review??

EDIT: Though I hardly blame you, what with the way Cypronia handled your reviews of the first 2. XD



18jcrone said:

I never played any of the Cake Ninja games yet but I am going to, I don't care what the reviewers say I still want to play it.



OorWullie said:

I can't quite get my head round this game being plastered all over the website when the first 2 games received terrible reviews,the advertised title not even getting reviewed and the developer being banned.I'm just not sure who I'm more surprised at,Nintendolife doing this or the developer wanting to even advertise here.



antdickens said:

@OorWullie advertising has no connection with the content here at Nintendo Life, we are in the process of reviewing this game which will be live shortly.



Rebel81 said:

You better spend you're time working to get a Wii then buying this and try to win I think

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