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In ARMY DEFENDER, your mission is to defend your base against hordes of invading enemies. Use all the weapons at your disposal to survive as long as possible.

Standing in your way are soldiers, tanks, parachute troops, combat helicopters, fighter planes, bombers and elite forces that will do everything in their power to stop you.

If the situation becomes desperate, you can always fall back on the atomic bomb to blow away the enemy invasion! You have hours of gaming to look forward to.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Defend Your Castle made portable.

One of WiiWare's launch games was Defend Your Castle, a fairly good yet now mostly forgotten title based on the flash game of the same name, in which the objective was quite simple: defend your castle from endless waves of enemies until it finally...

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User Comments (18)



coleman79 said:

sound good but to decide i need a screen shot or something more about the game



Mendoza said:

This game will be in my collection 100%, I would even pay 500 for this cool title. Reminds me a bit of Advance Wars!
@ KanrakusPizza: Ya I heard it too



tovare said:

Not sure about the lastability of this game, but for 200 points it's great fun !



smithers said:

WOOWOWOWOW omg i was expecting 500 points too and i easily wouldve payed it glad its 200 INSTADOWNLOAD



stickman2000 said:

I downloaded it with the last of my points.
You should buy it too if you like SUPER AWESOME FIGHTING GAMES!



postmanX3 said:

Probably the best 200 point purchase currently available. Which, honestly, isn't saying much. But it's still a great little game.



BigBtopo said:

this game is good, it gets hard after a while still trying to get to level 20



IwatasBananas said:

I wanted to buy this after reading the review but I cannot find it in the EU store under:

  • The 200 points category
  • Title search using the word "Army"
  • Search by publisher

It seems likely it's been removed, but on the off-chance anyone knows if it was renamed and repriced by a different published can you tell me what it's called now? Thanks

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