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In The Aquarium of Luck, it's all about decorating your fish tank and making your fish happy.

Your fish may get hungry, fall ill, the water in the tank may become dirty or a new baby fish may need extra vitamins, so it's your job to ensure the tank is clean and that the fish are well and happy.

When you’re not busy managing your aquarium, you can play a match-three game to earn money. Use the money to buy food, fish or decorations for your fish tank.

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not so lucky

One genre that has seen plenty of releases on the DS family of consoles is that of pet simulation: all the fun of owning an animal without the expense, smells and responsibility. Next in line via DSiWare is The Aquarium of Luck, bringing the job of fish...

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Joygame51 said:

I want this one...hope it comes out soon too... sounds good for 500 pts.
Loved my fish tank when we had it.
and a puzzle game to boot ??? not bad.

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