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Dress-up a stylish doll, selecting from a wide range of Gothic style dresses and accessories.

Use the Sylus to choose hair styles, hair accessories, dresses, jackets and shoes, mixing and matching items to create hundreds of beautiful outfit combinations. Once your doll is complete you can choose from various backgrounds and boarder designs to create a stunning picture with your doll center-stage. Alternatively set your doll against a background of your choice by taking your own picture using the Nintendo DSi Camera. You can further decorate and your doll by adding stars and other pretty effects or by drawing freehand. Your completed doll pictures can be saved to the SD Card and traded with friends, used on social networks as your avatar picture or printed out using a computer.

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Posted by Philip J Reed


Anne's Doll Studio: Gothic Collection is your chance to slap drab Gothic accessories on two dead eyed dolls that look like charmless rejects from the movie Corpse Bride. That sentence is a complete and accurate summation of this title, and it's probably...

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Flowerlark said:

Do they actually expect to sell any of this? So overpriced and such limited content. Even if it had an audience, it's ridiculous.



jhuhn said:

These dolls are cute. But I would like to create a goth doll type character, but she is to appear as a puppet. I am working on some unique lady doller puppet characters.



James said:

@Donjwolf This description is copy-pasted from Gamebridge's official write-up. You might also notice it says "Sylus" instead of stylus ;)



DemonnPrincess said:

I'm really thinking about getting this. I play with paper dolls all the time. So what if the stuff's limited? I just like that I can dress them. :3

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