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Become the manager of a baseball team and lead it to the championship.

Make all the decisions for your team, from selecting the starting lineup and switching pitchers and runners to giving your players pitching, fielding and batting orders. Earn points as you play games throughout the season, and use them to increase your players' abilities. Build them into the team that will respond to your strategy and make it to the top. In addition to regular league games, there are interleague games, playoffs and the championship series.

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Foul balls

What happens when you take baseball, America’s favorite pastime, and mix it with Japan’s favorite pastime, the turn-based RPG? You get Tasuke’s newest DSiWare game, the Frankenstein-esque genre crosser titled Absolute Baseball. While the idea here...

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XCWarrior said:

If this game gets good reviews, I would pick this up... if I had a 3DS/DSi. I love me my baseball.



slidecage said:

fun game but its going to take a long time to beat .. you have to play though all 9 innns. meaning your looking at around 10 mins per game at least worth the 500 pts though



cangelo said:

downloaded and played it a bit last night. It's okay for $5. No stats. You do get to improve players. Bad english makes some choices confusing. I like the visual representations, but they repeat pretty quick. The fielders move like the old nintendo baseball games, therefore, fielders miss some balls that look like they should be gotten. Can't see some information (ie: endurance for a pitcher during a game). some easy plays turn into base hits and it feels weird. I'd give it a 4.5 out of 10 rating.



slidecage said:

yea true.. i got one of my people up to Power A and they still just pop up fly when you tell them to hit a home run.... i think i played 7 games so far an im like 4 wins 2 loses and 1 rain out

it will be very interesting to see if you can play more then one year .... i scared the hell out of my roommate last night when i started screaming at my ds cause the catcher kept dropping the ball

if you can only play one year i would give it a 6.5 out of 10 (very long playable game for 500 pts) 10-15 mins per game times xx games

i say you can only play for 1 year cause all of your people would be way overpowered since a
LOST = 5 growth points
TIE = 7
win = 10 pts
be very easy to max out everyone and become way too powerful if they would allow you to move from year to year ... it be a long time before i find out though only playing around 7 games per night

still worth the cash i thought



slidecage said:

o i forgot to add.. There are stats you need to go into your team and then move the arrrows around .. it shows you the stats of your players you just need to cycle though them.. no leaderboards or anything like that though



cangelo said:

ah...I'll have to look for those stats...thanks. The other negative (at least for me) was the lack of touch pad usage...how do you get a tie??? My very first game...I was winning 2-0 in the 9th...brought in what I thought to be the best choice for reliever and he gave up 3 runs...then some weak player I had I motivated to hit better and he jacked a game tying homer...I finally won in the bottom of the 13th inning.



slidecage said:

i think if there is no winner by the 13th inning (thought it was 12th ) the game is a tie . i hate having bases loaded and then the player strikes out



zeppray said:

I like the game...simple and fun! It says you can change the names has anyone figured this out? I don't get it!



zeppray said:

You can speed up the game in command mode...push L and X and it goes into auto mode and forward mode! Fast!



slidecage said:

bad thing is i got players all with S rank who still can not hit a homerun while E ranks do

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