505 Tangram (DSiWare)

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Solve 505 Tangram puzzles from different groups and become a Tangram Master! Numerous challenges await you!

Tangram is the puzzle for purists. Assemble seven pieces of the puzzle correctly to create a preset shape. Animals, humans, shapes or objects in five books... Can you complete them all?

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Posted by James Newton

Believe in angles

There's a wealth of puzzle games on DSiWare, but 505 Tangrams is the first tangram-based title to hit the shop so it's got the genre all to itself. How high does it set the bar for future tangram titles to match, though?If you're not sure what a tangram...

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slidecage said:

dont see why games like this dont come out at 200... its a fun game but overpriced at 500... maybe if it had 1000 or 2000 puzzles but with 500 puzzles rather buy Hands On! Tangrams for 10 and have a cart copy

EDIT maybe its not that bad of deal.. went back and look at that cart and the cart only has around 100 puzzles.... hopefully it comes out in the states



barucci2000 said:

of course as cheaper as better, but 500 NP (EUR 5) for 505! games is still fair, well... (and the puzzles are really tricky)

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