101 Pinball World (DSiWare)

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Blast through 101 tables of fast pinball action filled with incredible graphics and fun twists!

Get ready for fast-paced pinball action with a twist! Complete special objectives to earn fun bonuses as you shoot your ball through pipes, up ramps and around mind-blowing obstacles. Choose from 2 game modes, Quick Play and Random, and blast through over 100 fun tables on 4 exciting worlds filled with eye-popping details. Be a pinball wiz in Wizard World, go on a galactic adventure in Alien Spaceship, enjoy a spooky trip through Halloween and become a buccaneer in Pirate's Bay. Rack up enough points to top the High Scores and you'll be the pinball champ!


  • 101 amazing tables in 4 unique worlds
  • 3 player profiles and High Scores list
  • Classic pinball gameplay enhanced with beautiful graphics
  • Multiple special objectives earn extra points and power-ups
  • Fun bonuses include table tilt, slow ball and immunity

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USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

Deaf, dumb and blind

101 Pinball World is, quite frankly, confounding on every level. Teyon's latest misguided attempt to cram large numbers of poorly-designed levels into half-baked games has resulted in a broken, hideous, aurally offensive, shambling monstrosity of a game...

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mushroomer said:

looks horrendous ... now if you could build your own and share it.. maybe..
id trade 101 crap table for 1 pinball pulse ancient beckoning any day!



Joygame51 said:

I just downloaded this game this afternoon. Not to bad , however the ball is not a standard pinball, (as it is in Pinball Pulse) but a rather modifyed type and the flippers on all tables are a bit sluggish so it takes time to learn the timing of Flippiing well ... I have a long way to go on this game to give a better overview but its not all that bad so far.

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