101 Pinball World (DSiWare)

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Blast through 101 tables of fast pinball action filled with incredible graphics and fun twists!

Get ready for fast-paced pinball action with a twist! Complete special objectives to earn fun bonuses as you shoot your ball through pipes, up ramps and around mind-blowing obstacles. Choose from 2 game modes, Quick Play and Random, and blast through over 100 fun tables on 4 exciting worlds filled with eye-popping details. Be a pinball wiz in Wizard World, go on a galactic adventure in Alien Spaceship, enjoy a spooky trip through Halloween and become a buccaneer in Pirate's Bay. Rack up enough points to top the High Scores and you'll be the pinball champ!


  • 101 amazing tables in 4 unique worlds
  • 3 player profiles and High Scores list
  • Classic pinball gameplay enhanced with beautiful graphics
  • Multiple special objectives earn extra points and power-ups
  • Fun bonuses include table tilt, slow ball and immunity

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USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

Deaf, dumb and blind

101 Pinball World is, quite frankly, confounding on every level. Teyon's latest misguided attempt to cram large numbers of poorly-designed levels into half-baked games has resulted in a broken, hideous, aurally offensive, shambling monstrosity of a game...

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News: Flip Out Over 101 Pinball World in January

Flip Out Over 101 Pinball World in January

DSiWare turns the tables

Teyon's habit of cramming 101 things into one DSiWare game continues unchecked, with the next title from the Polish developer, 101 Pinball World, due on 12th January 2012. The DSiWare bumper basher will set you back 500 Points and includes 101 tables spread over four themed worlds: Wizard World, Alien Spaceship, Halloween and Pirate's bay. Let's hope the gameplay is a..

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mushroomer said:

looks horrendous ... now if you could build your own and share it.. maybe..
id trade 101 crap table for 1 pinball pulse ancient beckoning any day!



Joygame51 said:

I just downloaded this game this afternoon. Not to bad , however the ball is not a standard pinball, (as it is in Pinball Pulse) but a rather modifyed type and the flippers on all tables are a bit sluggish so it takes time to learn the timing of Flippiing well ... I have a long way to go on this game to give a better overview but its not all that bad so far.

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