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Players assume the role of Ol’ Master Ninja in defending Ninjatown after Mr. Demon and his minions launch a surprise attack. Looking at Ninjatown from a top down perspective, players use the Nintendo DS stylus to place a variety of Ninjas, each with their own fierce yet adorable abilities, around maps in order to defeat the Wee Devil army that Mr. Demon controls. The single player story mode includes over thirty-five maps across nine districts and is fueled by an epic tale about tasty ninja cookies.

“Ninjatown raises the bar on the growing strategy genre on NintendoDS,” said Melanie Mroz, CEO of SouthPeak Interactive. “From the story to the characters to the gameplay, the development team delivered a highly addictive game with a fresh twist. Players will find themselves immediately hooked. We are immensely excited to release this title.”

Ninjatown also features unique multiplayer gameplay, where players can challenge one another using single or multi-cart wireless modes. After choosing a map, both players are tasked with defeating enemies as quickly as possible, and each can earn rewards and power-ups that can quickly turn the tide on their opponent.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

The crazy world of Shawnimals comes to life in this excellent take on the 'Tower Defence' genre

Like bread always falling butter-side down and buses coming two at a time, it’s one of life’s universal truths that whenever ninjas are added to something, it becomes infinitely cooler (with the possible exception of the lamentable Ninjabread Man, of...

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