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Help Nanda perfect the rain dance and revive life on the island!

When Nanda discovers that the island has been deserted, it's up to the young shaman to revive the flora that once blossomed there! Summon the clouds and use the limited amount of water each carries to restore the island's lush flowers to their former beauty. Draw and erase lines to guide the water's flow to the most needed areas and watch as once struggling vegetation begins to bloom again.

  • More than 40 island levels to restore!
  • Variety of plants to grow and nurture
  • Score the Perfect bonus for each level by attaining the most water possible
  • A fun physics puzzler with numerous solutions

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Posted by Zach Kaplan

The rain in this game falls mainly on the lame

The water-based puzzler is an interesting breed – the replication of aquatic physics necessitates a more innovative approach than your average thinking game, the majority of which build on or clone an accepted model like Tetris or Bejeweled. The recent...

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