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Forbidden Memories is an exciting puzzle adventure for the Nintendo DS. Follow May, the intelligent and charismatic girl in her quest to find her missing brother. Advance through the adventure by solving puzzles. With over 270 puzzles to solve, including logic puzzles, tricky rhythmic games and beautifully hand drawn hidden object scenes, you will be captivated and immersed in the wonderful world of May’s Mystery.

Search for clues about May's brother, visit mysterious locations and meet 40 interesting and unique characters along the way which will help you in your journey. Acquire quests and gather items to help uncover the truth. Solve puzzles that will challenge your wits in a wide variety of brain-bending situations. If you find a puzzle that's too difficult, just try some bonus puzzles which will help you solve the mystery easier!


  • Over 270 Brain Teasers, Hidden Objects & Rhythmic Games in a Puzzle Adventure
  • 40+ Unique Characters
  • 270+ Total Challenges
  • Brain Teasing Puzzles
  • Rhythmic Mini Games
  • Hidden Object Scenes

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Posted by Zach Kaplan

Never send a kid to do a professor's job

We've seen the rise in popularity of a few new or previously underappreciated genres within the current generation, among them rhythm-based games, brain training titles and life simulators. Another is the puzzle- and brain teaser-centric adventure, which...

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