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Mini Marios Mean Maximum Fun

At the grand opening of Mario’s third theme park, the first 100 guests receive a new Mini Pauline toy. Donkey Kong™ arrives as the 101st guest and finds himself out of luck. He grabs Pauline and heads into the park with Mario™ and his Mini Marios in hot pursuit. The fourth game in the series adds new challenges and new opportunities for users to share what they have created.


  • Edit and play: The latest installment to the Mario vs. Donkey Kong™ franchise to arrive on the Nintendo DS family of systems is an exciting action puzzle game in which players use the stylus to place objects like girders, springs, conveyer belts, pipes and ladders to guide the Mini Marios to the end door of each level.
  • Using an intuitive tool kit, players can create new level maps and share them with members of the public near or far using the local wireless connection of the Nintendo DS or Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection and wireless broadband Internet access. People can rate the levels and see which ones people like the best.
  • Regular themed challenges will invite user-created entries that players can vote on. The top rated levels will be announced at the end of the challenges.
  • Mini Pauline toys join the other familiar toys in the series (Mini Mario, Mini Toad™, Mini Princess Peach™ and Mini Donkey Kong).
  • A help button, new map mode and an in-game reference guide, also referred to as the Super Guide, make it easy for anyone to pick up and play.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Little Mario, big fun

For fans of the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, the good news is that Mini-Land Mayhem! is another truly stellar entry in the series. For those who are not yet fans, the good news is that Mini-Land Mayhem! is an excellent place to start.Mario's latest...

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mushroomer said:

I'm gonna buy this game, win it, unlock all the level editor stages, create over 200 levels, share them with people i find on forums just like this and discover over 40 glitches. Just like I did with the 2nd installment, March of the Minis. Ill video footage of the glitches and awesome levels and up them to youtube. Ill also see what the contests are like and I also hope for a better online experience. The hub for MotM, was a joke. It never updated and eventually it didnt even work. They better put more energy into their next HUB.. But will love it none the less.



LuigiSucks said:

HELP!!!! I HAVE to choose between Mario vs Donkey Kong: Miniland Mayhem and Sonic Colors DS. Which do I choose??????



X-145 said:

I've seen multiple reviews and some video footage of this game and it looks awesome! I loved March of the Minis and The Minis March Again even more! This is a must for me.



LuigiSucks said:

Too late. I bought them both. Btw, sonic colors is REALLY underrated(better thn people say.)

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