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The universe needs a Maestro to be freed from silence!

In this musical platform adventure in which everything you do makes music, you’ll jump your way through 6 Worlds, 25 Melodies and 6 breathtaking Battles, from trainee level to virtuoso.

Whatever you do makes music! Guide Presto through the 6 wonderful worlds he must free from eternal silence. Play a myriad of musical instruments in one of the 25 classical and pop hits of this game...and you can sing too!

Game Features:

  • 25 unique melodies to enjoy - everything from classical symphonies to modern pop.
  • Fun rhythm-based boss rights
  • Wide range of difficulty to accommodate gamers of all skill levels
  • Auto-save feature

Enjoy the Singing feature (to make your friends go crazy!) and the stress-less Improvisation mode in which you have full control over the music. Even a Maestro like you must rest from saving the world sometimes!

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