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Animal Crossing: Wild World News


  • Feature Animal Crossing: A Brief History

    Looking back on Nintendo's most evergreen of series

    Like most games made by Nintendo, the story of Animal Crossing – Nintendo’s charming social life-sim series – begins in Japan, with a man named Katsuya Eguchi. After he nabbed a job at Nintendo in 1986 he was forced to move away from his hometown of Chiba and relocate to Kyoto, the city where...


  • Feature How Animal Crossing Invaded Social Media

    "It’s a really exciting time to be an Animal Crossing fan"

    Even if you’re not an Animal Crossing fan, it would be hard to miss the joyous celebration its cult following is having on social media right now. You’ll find Animal Crossing memes on almost every platform: Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Discord. The majority focus on relaxing...








  • News Let Animal Crossing be the Soundtrack to Your Day

    Music 24/7

    One thing that you may think about occasionally is that, unlike characters in video games, movies and TV shows, we don't have a music soundtrack following us through our daily lives. Animal Crossing on GameCube, meanwhile, followed the same clock as us and its characters had an active soundtrack for every hour of the day. Courtesy of a...


  • Feature Celebrating 10 Years of Animal Crossing

    Population: glowing

    Here's a fun game next time you're at a boring social occasion: try explaining the point of Animal Crossing to an elderly family member. Nintendo's genre-defying life series first appeared in Japan in April 2001 as Dobutsu no Mori ("Animal Forest") on Nintendo 64, but it was the enhanced Animal Forest+ for GameCube —...


  • Rumour We May See a 3DS Animal Crossing Next Week

    Chug chug chug goes the E3 rumour mill

    You know the deal by now: until we have this confirmed, please treat the following as a rumour. Robot-worshipping games website Destructoid recently posted an intriguing piece of news, suggesting that one first-party launch title for the 3DS could be the next instalment in Nintendo's Animal Crossing franchise...


  • News Get Your Virtual Gift Only At Toys "R" Us

    Nintendo's July newsletter has stated that your local Toys "R" Us store will be giving you a special gift, that will only be available from July 23, 2006 - July 30, 2006.

    Nintendo's newsletter and official website has stated the following: One of six very unique Animal Crossing: Wild World virtual gifts are awaiting you at your nearest Toys "R" Us store July 23-30. Trade 'em, sell 'em or..

  • News European Wild World Gets Flower Power

    Nintendo are encouraging all European Wild World players to use their Wi-fi connection by offering a free item.

    European players of Nintendo's hugely successful title Animal Crossing Wild World are going to be in for a treat when they use their game online between the 17th - 23rd of this month. Those lovely people at Nintendo will give each player who pops online during that period a 'Fire Flower'..


  • News Animal Crossing Easter Eggs

    Nintendo set to don the Bunny Suit and deliver some Easter Eggs into the Wild World.

    Drop your chocolate eggs, Nintendo have a present for you. Well, only if you've managed to get your hands on Animal Crossing: Wild World on the Nintendo DS. Exploiting the online features of Wild World, Nintendo's easter bunny will be delivering special goodies to all Animal Crossing inhabitants this weekend,..


  • News Animal Crossing: Wild World Released In Europe

    Nintendo have today released the totally alternative game; Animal Crossing on the Nintendo DS.

    As always the Europeans get the latest games games latest, Nintendo have released Wild World on the DS, the latest in the Animal Crossing line. If your frustrated by the amount of violence and restrictions in today's video game, maybe Animal Crossing is for you, here's what Nintendo have to say about it..