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THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY is a celebration of the greatest musical moments from the history of the FINAL FANTASY series. Featuring all of the fans’ favourite music from FINAL FANTASY I to XIII, alongside beautiful new environments and movie scenes from the original games, THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY will reawaken the magic and the memories that have brought the series so close to the hearts of so many.

Coming as part of the FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary year, the nostalgia-inducing music, addictive rhythm gameplay and charming art style of THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY is sure to capture the hearts of FINAL FANTASY fans old and new.

Key Features

Choose your heroes! - Unite four of your favourite FINAL FANTASY heroes, and play through your favourite music from the series

Tackle unique stage styles! - Tap and slide along to the rhythm to adventure and fight through three different stage styles : Field, Battle, and Event

Play your way! - A wide range of difficulty levels allow beginners and rhythm masters alike to join in the fun

Reap the rewards! - Complete different stages and level up your characters to unlock new music, movie scenes and more, all of which can be revisited is the “Museum”

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Posted by Joe Walker

You spoony bard!

This is how you celebrate the 25th anniversary of a beloved game franchise. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, a rhythm game celebrating a quarter-century of some of the most iconic music in video games, is a fantastic title. Every facet radiates care and polish,...

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User Comments (22)



R-Comeau said:

The Battle Portion Would be Extremely Awesome with Ricard From Final Fantasy 2, Kain From Final Fantasy 4, And Shadow And Gogo From Final Fantasy 6.



H_Hunter said:

My list would be:CloudSqualZidaneTidus

UPDATE: I checked the trailer.. I don't know why but I was not that impressed..



cfgk24 said:

Wow! I was skeptical but... THe demo is such a high quality piece of software - Day 1 purchase for me!!!!!



RevolverLink said:

I'm definitely running with an all FFVI/FFIX team as soon as I get the chance: Terra & Locke and Zidane & Vivi.



Quarghor said:

I never had any hopes for (nor an interest in) this one. Then a few days ago I saw the demo in the eShop and decided to at least try it, seeing as I had nothing to lose. Even if I wasn't crazy in the idea of an FF-themed rhythm game (although I love much of the series), I have some interest in the genre, having played StepMania a lot in my childhood/preadolescent years. Well, I'm sold. Yet another game I cannot afford right now!



Madmanonfire said:

  1. of players should be updated. It can support up to 4 players with local wireless in Chaos Shrine mode.
    Other than that, it's a high quality music game. I enjoy it far more than EBA.


Kitsune_Rei said:

I preordered the game and so far am glad I did. Its really addictive once you start playing The music is beautiful, and the gameplay is fun. It gets challenging, but is easy to pick up even if you havn't played music games much before. The RPG element adds more fun and replay. I think they really did it right for a good music game, when they could have gotten away with something mediocre.



Kitsune_Rei said:

Does anyone think there's any possibility of them releasing more characters as DLC? I know you can buy extra songs. I still like the game a lot, but was a little sad not to see some of my favorite characters available (they pretty much stuck to the main hero from each game and a random assortment of 16 other unlockable characters). Granted I understand they didn't want to do too many characters, since they can level up to 99 and that takes a long time, but everyone has different favorites I'm sure they'd like to see.



cfgk24 said:

I got this game today! FABULOUS!
Extremely High Levels of Production! - plenty of content! and also DLC which is nice to add!
Also - the gameplay is excellent! excellent Excellent!



SkywardLink98 said:

It looks interesting, as I'm a big RPG fan, but I'll be waiting for a demo to test out the controls for myself.



mushroomer said:

over rated.. this game is by no means equal to the other 9/10 titles. i own it, and have been playing it. its more like a 7/10 game honestly.
I have played many rhythm games and i would give Band Bros Daigasso a 10/10 when it comes to rhythm games. Look it up. its for the DS and you have to import it. The only downer for that game is that all the songs are either jpop or classic and game music. so more variety. and you use all the buttons, up down left right L R a b x y and the touch screen. Where as in this game you only use the touch screen and that gets repetitive and less challenging after a while. Can you imagine if you had to push all the buttons? now that is Daigasso band bros 2 for you! look it up on youtube



bluecat said:

Only had this game for a few days and it is so addictive! So many things to unlock. Very fun rhythm game. I think the rating gets a few extra points just for the nostalgia factor, but I'd definitely say if you've played any of the FF titles and enjoyed them then you might want to check this out. Helps there is a demo out there too.



Link-Rogers said:

Does anyone have a copy of theatrhythm so someone can play with me online? I want to get past this really annoyingly fast dark note. It's judgement day from final fantasy seven and battle one from final fantasy four. It sounds good but it goes way too fast



supermonkey117 said:

for anyone that has only seen videos and not played the game themselves yet honestly its a must buy. i only bought it because there was no game cards left that i wanted to buy so picked this up for £20 just for a laugh final fantasy should not work as a music game but add levelling up items powers high scores some battles and a load of levels and music to master its amazing it doesn't even feel like a spin off it just plays so well and unlock ultimate score then all you people with a love for hard and annoying levels which i do then this is for you my friends oh and there's add on content cheap as anything 90p in the uk for a track one more thing i have heard but don't know that some versions don't have the card collection but you can earn trophy's that when you get you know they were well earned an that's the main thing at the end of the day. from me 9/10 i just think its really fun as soon as you find out its not what you thought it was its even better.



supermonkey117 said:

oh and my party is cloud squall tidus and lightning who im going to swap for bartz or terra soon till i unlock siefer if that's spelt right.

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