Sonic Boom (3DS)

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A prequel to the Sonic Boom TV series, coming to 3DS

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AlexSora89 said:

As I said in the article for the game's announcement, I'm fine with this. Why? Because everything about it just screams "alternate continuity", and I think an Ultimate Marvel-esque reimagining of the Sonicverse might be fun to witness. Before anyone pointed out it was being made by former Naughty Dog employees (fun fact: in case Josh Mancell is doing the soundtrack, COUNT ME IN), the heroes' more tribal look and the N. Sanity Island-esque jungle reminded me of Crash Bandicoot's beloved shenanigans (for extra irony, look for "Crash Bandicoot - Sonic switcheroo" on DeviantART). And as for Knuckles' more "the big guy"-esque build, I'm fine with it as well, as it fits the usual ensemble demanded by kids' shows' rules.

That said, I'm a bit upset about the gameplay. Hopefully, it will ultimately stick to either the first Sonic Advance's good, fast, old-school platforming or the sequel's crazy dashes. And, back to the good stuff - speaking of the sublime Advance trilogy, this game also marks the first time the main cast from the first Sonic Advance is playable once again, and in both versions, to boot!

My verdict for the trailer is: it's got a lot of potential, let's just hope Sega doesn't blow it!



SHULZ21 said:

Hopefully they don't half donkey do this version compared to the Wii U one.
Please watch the profanity — TBD

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