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Lace Up Those Bowling Shoes!

  • Full support for the new Nintendo 3DS Gaming System.
  • Two different control modes: Simulation (stylus) and Arcade (metered)
  • Four gameplay modes including Quickplay, Career, Spares Challenge and Practice.
  • Teaches bowling – kid-friendly Bumper Bowling option prevents gutter balls.
  • Several fun and highly detailed bowling environments including Glow Bowling.
  • Spares Challenge Mode tests the player’s skill level and helps players learn how to pick up difficult spares.
  • Lots of unlockable balls, clothing and accessories earned by progressing through a varied and engaging Career Mode.

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USA USA Version

Posted by Zach Kaplan


What's not to like about bowling? The feel of manoeuvring the ball in your hands as you launch it down the lane, the crack of the pins, the fun of going out with your buddies or your team, trying on a pair of communal shoes – ok, not that last one. It...

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The sense of depth provided by the 3DS might make it easier to manoeuvre around those tricky corners in racing games, but Crave Entertainment is hoping it will also make it easier to pick up those strikes and spares too. Brunswick Pro Bowling has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, making a North American release on the 3DS..

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meizme said:

when are these people going to stop making games? stop buying these low quality titles and studios will get the message.

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