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Yatagarasu (3DS eShop)

Game Profile

Developed over four years, Yatagarasu was originally released in 2011 as a Japan-only title, but is now coming to North America and Europe.

Art direction and character design by fan-favorite artist Styleos, game design and balance by ex-SNK designer Umezono and game engine by Shiza--the three-man team makes up Circle Edge. Yatagarasu also features a unique optional commentator system that mimics the tournament trash talk experience.

Yatagarasu Features:

  • Eight playable characters
  • Single and 2P Vs. modes
  • Training and Replay modes
  • Four-button attack system with Parry System
  • Character design by Styleos
  • Classic 2D hand drawn sprites
  • Original soundtrack

Game Status

Confirmed by Nicalis

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