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Time for squirreling action!

Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo features Mr. Nibbles the squirrel on a one-squirrel-mission to retrieve his acorn stash after it’s ruthlessly stolen by pesky woodland critters. He desperately needs those acorns to feed his ever growing squirrel family and nothing’s going to stop him from getting them back.

Rather than simply climb trees like a regular everyday squirrel, Mr. Nibbles must uses his trusty grapple rope and collection of special power-ups to navigate the treacherous woodland environments and defeat those pesky critters!

Game features:

  • Run, jump, swing and smash Mr Nibbles through 90 frantic levels of pixel perfect platform gameplay in beautiful crisp graphics in stereoscopic 3D.
  • Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo has 50% new and exclusive level content, new ninja bonuses, super high speed Turbo mode and a whole bunch of zany squirrel outfits (for anyone who enjoys dressing up with animals).
  • Grapple and swing Mr Nibbles through 30 new and exclusive challenge stages to test your squirreling skills at bronze, silver and gold level.
  • Adventure through 60 main game stages spread over four seasons, with epic boss levels and multiple completion goals, enough to keep you playing until next winter!
  • Collect power-ups to supercharge Mr. Nibbles through his adventure, including Tough Nut to smash through mud banks, Super Speed to move faster than a speeding sparrow and Super Jump to leap higher than the tallest hedgerow.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Just a squirrel trying to get a nut

In early 2012, Little Acorns was released for iOS. It was a simple but charming title in which bespectacled squirrel Mr. Nibbles sought out acorns to prevent his family from starving. When we spell it out that way we realize it sounds rather morbid, but...

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SirQuincealot said:

im gonna wait on this one only because liberation maiden is on sale and i dont have enough eshop funds left for both

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