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Star Wars Pinball on the 3DS takes full advantage of the system's 3D display capabilities, providing exciting 3D pinball action. Zen Studios took extra time and effort to make sure each Star Wars pinball table was given the proper treatment to really showcase top tier 3D entertainment.

Additional features include the Balance of the Force community feature, in game challenges and score notifications, an XP progression system allowing players to move up the ranks based on Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance support, Force Score and friends-based Team Score leaderboards.

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Posted by Stephen Kelly

Hard to see, the dual screen is

The Wii U version of Star Wars Pinball activated the hyperdrive of success and shot off into the stars, promising many more adventures to come — the table designs were impressive and fantastic production values sealed the deal. Unfortunately,...

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SaintGiggles said:

having trouble viewing the rankings. game locks up every time. anyone else having this issue?



KnightRider666 said:

@SaintGiggles: Yes. As a matter of fact, unless I disable my internet connection on my 3DS, it will freeze once I select a table and it loads up. It didn't do that yesterday when I downloaded it. Maybe they are doing some kind of maintenance w/ the online leader boards or something...



SaintGiggles said:

I (and others) have tweeted to Zen Studios. They know. Their only solution - turn off wi-fi. Hopefully (in which I mean doubtfully) they will fix it.



KnightRider666 said:

@SaintGiggles: F*cking ridiculous, and if they don't patch this it's unacceptable. How could they let this happen? Why have online leaderboards if they render the game unplayable???? Just wow.



Zemus-DJ said:

I messaged Zen threw FB on Thursday, told them about only being able to play with wifi off ect, they did say that they were looking into it, but how long will it take them.....that's a different story

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