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Race to the Line (3DS eShop)

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Test your metal, take in the sights, and race to win!

Race in full 3D with famous cars. Test your mettle against other drivers through treacherous tracks across three continents. Choose one of the 10 Vehicles to drive.

Take in the sights as you cruise through the famous landmarks in Asia, Europe and the United States. Challenge yourself with three distinct modes, Challenge, Time Attack and Two player battles.

  • Compete in the USA, Europe & Asia
  • 8 tracks around the world
  • 4 types of competitions / challenges
  • Win points to unlock new circuits, cars and paintings

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Posted by Christopher Costabile

Race to the eShop

It seems like every day the 3DS eShop is graced by another interesting or quirky budget title that bolsters its entire catalogue of games. Enjoy Gaming’s Race to the Line is no exception to this rule, as the traditional-style racer manages to pack some...

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Zach said:

Isn't this just the US eShop version of Chevrolet Camaro Wild Ride?



Windy said:

I bought this last night being compulsive. Well guys it's the worst racing game I've ever played and I've played a lot of them. The handling of the cars is horrible. You can get used to it which I did in short time but it was still terrible. Its floaty and it over steers. Now the Graphics in this game are actually really cool. They did some sort of cool 3d trick with the tracks which are well designed and look pretty cool. Then the cars sound like Lawn Mowers which is very annoying. The sound track is a fair soft kinda rock which I guess tries to match up with the Chevy Camaro themed game. The cool looking graphics do not make up for the very poor control on the cars. If you must try this game which I recommend you don't. I recommend driving from the Hood View. the control seems a bit easier from that view. I beat the game in a couple hours which makes it a very short one. I would like to see them try again with these tracks or similar designed tracks and add more cars tweaking the controls and ai to appropriate racing Sims and give us a good go at a good racing game. Overall I would give the game a 2.



DiscoDriver43 said:

that is 2 hours of this game i am not getting back. this game got a 6? it is so boring and so slow with the dullest tracks ever.

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