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The player plays a squid named Ikachan, who swims through an underground cave, meeting and helping other creatures.

From Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, the creator of Cave Story.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Squids today...

While most people know Pixel's work from the excellent Cave Story, that's not the only game he's ever made, and exploring his lesser known titles can be a lot of fun in itself. Ikachan is one such title, released as freeware for the PC in 2000. That's...

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LevelJumpr said:

ive been playing this great game today on the 1st day of its eshop release.... ikachan reminds me so much of blooper and the other sea creatures are unique
only 50 blocks of data



Kolzig said:

Would buy, if lazy Nicalis would remember that there are other continents than just North America in the world.

Daisuke Amaya deserves my money, Nicalis doesn't.
Maybe I should just play the free PC original version and instead send money directly to Pixel.

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