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Escape! Zombie City (3DS eShop)

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Set in the year 20xx, you have to escape a zombie-infested city before it's hit by a missile strike.

  • Features a story mode with over 90 stages
  • 10 levels in the 'Endless Mode', including unlimited ammo
  • Three difficulty levels

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Fabian said:

Sounds verry good from what I´ve read but these screenshots looking boring



Undead_terror said:

hope theres either co-op(local or wi-fi/both),leader board,that you can open/close those gate doors so you can get ready,multiple endless maps.
By looking I know the barrels can explode and kill zombies and yourself,you got lots of guns and your able to break free from zombie grasp.



EaZy_T said:

Anyone know if this is a 3D enabled release? The trailer is great, just 'mindless' fun!



Kyloctopus said:

20xx seems to be a very popular year for Zombies. Concidering Zomie Slayer Diox was set in that same year.

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