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In Deer Hunting King, you can hunt for wild animals that throb with vitality and life amid the vast backdrop of the natural world. Use a crossbow, a rifle, or a shotgun as you hunt for deer, raptors, bears, and more.

Choose to sight with either the Circle Pad or by moving your Nintendo 3DS itself to use the built-in gyro sensor to sight your prey.

You can enjoy four rich modes, including:

・Instant mode, where you simply aim for high points
・Mission mode, in which you must meet certain specific conditions to pass
・Versus mode, where you can play against friends using local wireless, and
・Hunt in the real world using AR mode! Why not enjoy a spot of hunting amid the beautiful nature of this stunningly 3-dimensional world?

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Oh, dear

Is there something about the 3DS that screams out to developers that it just might be the ideal platform for arcade shooters? Maybe it’s the 3D effect that adds simulated depth to in-game environments, or maybe it’s the touchscreen which is seemingly...

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