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Puzzles, Action & Shooters ALL on one cartridge! Endless addictive gameplay.

6 of the most playable games of all time Puzzles, action, shooters all in one purchase! Play the great classics today in modern themes in 3D environments. Endless addictive gameplay with massive replay ability utilising full on 3D for an amazing experience! Once you pick it up… You just won’t be able to put it down.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Six terrible games for the price of one terrible game

Mini-game collections have always run the quality gamut, but it's fair to say that the numbers are weighted much more heavily towards the negative end of the spectrum. For every Game & Watch Gallery there's a seemingly infinite number of Chuck E...

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grumblegrumble said:

What games are included? Hrm. The other "arcade collection" I bought, also in 3D, I think I played about 2-3 times before forgetting about it. Hrm.



mystman12 said:

Hmm... Let's see here, you've got the robot that looks like it was found by googling "cartoony robot", a super bland menu, with a bunch of clones of other popular arcade games. Looks great!!! Seriously, though, there is no way this game can get higher than a six. Even if it's 100% bug free, (Which I highly doubt) I'm sure the gameplay will be really shallow. And let's not forget it's Enjoy Gaming who's making this. They may have a few good titles when the eShop first came out, but lately all of their games have been total flops. But maybe, JUST MAYBE, this will end up being decent.

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