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I love the Artstyle series! I was wondering how many others out there also love it. Also, what people's favorite and least favorite is.
Remember the Artstyle games include:
-Orbient (Wiiware)
-Cubello (Wiiware)
-Rotohex (Wiiware)
-Somnium (DSiware)
-nalaku (DSiware)
My personal favorite out of the bunch would have to be PiCTOBiTS because of the innovative game play and awesome classic Nintendo theme. My least favorite however, is Somnium. Many of you probably haven't played this one but it's just not overly exciting or innovative. That's not to say it is "bad" by any means, it just doesn't have the extra "oomph" the other Artstyle games have.
So what do you think? Post your opinions here.

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I've only tried three Orbient, Cubello, and Rotohex. So far my favorite is Cubello and my least favorite is Rotohex.

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I'm with gameking; Cubello had me for a long time. I enjoy Rotohex, but I don't find it beckoning me in the same way. Orbient is nice and soothing so I like to play that from time to time.

I actually reviewed all three of them on my blog; they're older reviews and my writing has improved a bit, but still I think they're not bad reads.

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I only played Orbient and I find it to be one of the best games in my WiiWare collection.



I only have two. I have Aquia, PictoBits, and I've played the GBA version of Orbient. PictoBits is my fave.

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Cheezy wrote:

I only have two. I have Aquia, PictoBits, and I've played the GBA version of Orbient. PictoBits is my fave.

ditto, with Cubello being my 2nd fave


I acknowledge Orbient as the better game, but my favourite is Cubello.

I have downloaded all of them, dsiwarw and wiiware, and they are all "very good" to "excellent". Can't wait for Nalaku, Hacolife and Somnium to become available


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I've only played Orbient, Aquia, and Pictobits.

Pictobits >>> Orbient >>>> Aquia.



I bought Orbient first and liked it so much I had to get Rotohex and Cubello too. My favorite is actually Rotohex which seems to go against the prevailing opinion so far

I really like games like Tetris and Bejeweled where you are finding patterns and matching shapes. I find they are kind of hypnotic and help relax me. The endless mode in Rotohex gives me the same feeling.



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