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DarkEdi wrote:

Another question for transfering. If Nintendo quits que Wii shop then if you transfer you can only keep the games in your Wii memory because the SD card doesn´t read your games and you need to download all them of Wii shop but if this service is off line (someday) then your games will be gone forever if you don´t tranfer before the service is gone.

I think you mean the games that stayed on the Wii when you transferred. Have you tried using a new SD for the Wii instead of trying to use the one you transfered in the WiiU? Maybe the DRM for those games stayed in the original Wii and didn't go to the WiiU. I definitely won't transfer when I get a WiiU. I rather have my Wii or its Flash RAM dead than having those problems, I have the feeling that they may get worse.

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La-Mulana, though I may wait a while to actually play it.
Thinking of playing this Famicom game that probably inspired it, Knightmare II: Maze of Galious, first. Had that lying around for awhile but never played it.



#141 Ubongo

Downloaded this before it was removed. Didn't know it was developed by EnjoyUp Games.
Now I really must have them all, I believe.0

Also, I checked the VC games I transfered from Wii to Wii U, and I found out there is another game that did not transfer: Yoshi's Cookie (VC/NES).
I emailed Nintendo about this new issue.


new wiiware download:

  • Karaoke Joysound

Did you put Yoshi´s Cookie to your internal Wii memory?

because it was deleted in store even if you had it (another deleted games are available in you downloads but Cookie is the only really DELETED from the service).

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Bubble Bobble. After buying Actraiser, I was going through the NES titles and saw Bubble Bubble on the first page. Then I remembered the WiiWare version, went and bought that, after checking NL's review on it.

Tomena Sanner.

For once, I actually played both of these the day I bought them.

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@Pahvi Is Bubble Bobble Plus! any different from the original? I remember playing a ton of Bubble Bobble on arcades back in the day, it was a really fun game.



@Octane I've played the "original" Bubble Bobble mainly on NES way back then, but gameplaywise, not much has changed. The characters look like they're 3D models, so no spritework here, even though the background looks to be a 2D bitmap. The models are too detailed so that aliasing makes them look pretty bad.

The music also feels like it has been modernized (an example: ) and I'm partial to chiptune-versions... but that's usually the case with almost any music.

The biggest problem I've had so far is that Mighta/Stoner/Boris throws rock projectiles that barely stand apart from the black background. On NES I recall them being much more visible.

  • I think the "original" game is included as the "Standard" mode - at least the first stages looked really familiar. (NL review says 100 identical levels)
  • Then there's the Arrange mode that adds 4-player play and also surfaces tilted at 45 degrees. (NL review says 100 all-new levels)
  • The online leaderboards are of course offline.
  • I didn't check what the DLC was like, but NL review says they were new stages... considering I'm not really getting to stage 20, I'm not in any need of more stages

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Mine was Target Toss Pro: Bags.

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Just recently downloaded "And Yet It Moves". Have "Max and the Magic Marker" and "Blaster Master: Overdrive" left to download before WiiWare goes bye-bye

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There's a retail/disc version of Max & The Magic Marker on Wii (at least in EU).


Picked up Gradius Rebirth and Fast Racing League a few days ago. I'm trying to get all the good WiiWare games before the cutoff date for purchasing Wii Points.



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