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Dunno if there has already been a topic on this but what is the most recent WiiWare game you have downloaded?

Mine is Art Style: Cubello. Cool game

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Weird, I also just finally downloaded Cubello a few days ago (along with Rotozoa and Rage of the Gladiator). I've been playing it with the Zapper, because I find it a bit easier to aim with two hands.

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Dive: The Medes Islands Secret

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Sherlock wrote:

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret

This. Back in July.

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I recently got Bejeweled 2 for WiiWare. I haven't bought anything from the shop since August 2010. The last games I downloaded were Monsteca Corral and Tomena Sanner six months ago, but I was gifted And Yet It Moves (thanks Yasume) and Stunt Cars (thanks Icon Games Entertainment).

I think I'll have to catch up on a few titles, like Hydroventure, ThruSpace, Cave Story, Flowerworks and lilt line.

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Hydroventure is hard, I got stuck on the Demo lol

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Liight. That's really the only one in recent times. I haven't been very active on the shop as of late...

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RUNNER back in January. Really good game but so damn hard!

Before that was Dive in December. A good game with amazing music but the gameplay seemed to lack a bit of polish.

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Just got chick chick boom. Next might be Pearl Harbor Trilogy.

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Chick Chick BOOM DEMO
Not including demos or VC- Bit. Trip FLUX(which I got the day it came out, which was my birthday)



Hydroventure. It's good. Next up is the first Bit.Trip.

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Bit.Trip Runner. Such a satisfying, frustrating and fun game. Probably one of the best 800 points I've spent on the WiiWare.

My last purchase was Cave Story, which was another awesome game. Don't know which game will be my next, but these two will eat away my time until I decide.



Flowerworks: Follie's Adventure (9/10) and lilt line (7/10).


Dart Rage I have had the demo for awhile but just now getting around to getting the full game.

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My most recent Wiiware purchase was Flux the day it came out. The one before that was Fate the day it came out. And if I recall, the one before that was Runner the day it came out Linking all the best free online games to you!


Fish 'em All, which I got for free!(just recently)

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