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What Games Do You Have?

I have....

Gyrostarr, LostWinds, TV Show King, Family Table Tennis, Tetris Party, World Of Goo, Maboshi's Arcade, Mega Man 9, Bit.Trip.Beat, Pop Em' Drop Em' Samegame, Art Style: Orbient

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Oh boy.....lets see..Lostwinds, Pop, Defend your Castle, Art Style:Rotohex, Art Style: Cubello, All of the Strong bad games, Alien Crush Returns, World of Goo, Madstone, Toki Tori, Star Soldier R. I'm sure I forgot alot of them, but I'm pretty sure thats most of them.

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[Megaman 9] - - [Bit.Trip Beat] - - [Onslaught] - - [Bomberman Blast] - - [World of Goo] - - [Toki Tori] - - [Gradius ReBirth] - - [Tetris Party]

Where's Bubble Bobble people? Seriously?

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Wiiware Games

Art Style: Orbient 7/10
Big Kahuna Party 6/10
Bonsai Barber 8/10
Cocoto Platform Jumper 7/10
Crystal Defenders R1 8/10
Defend your castle 8/10
Jungle Speed 7/10
LostWinds 5/10
My Pokemon Ranch 4/10
Niki Rock n Ball 4/10
Onslaught 8/10
Pirates: the key of dreams 5/10
Pop em Drop em SameGame 7/10
Sandy Beach 7/10
SPOGS Racing 4/10
Swords & Soldiers 10/10
Toki Tori 5/10
TV Show King 8/10
Wild West Guns 6/10
World of Goo 9/10

Virtual Console

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa 6/10
Life Force 7/10
Kirby's Adventure 9/10
Pokemon Snap 7/10
River City Ransom 9/10
Super Dodge Ball 7/10

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I don't download much. I've just got World of Goo. And on the VC I've only got Sin and Punishment and F-Zero X. But I will soon be purchasing Cave Story once it's out. I'll probably pick up one of the Strong Bad games as well, and Night Game.

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I've got

Tiki Towers
Snowboard Riot
Pool Revolution Cue Sports
Tetris Party
Dr. Mario Wifi demo thing
Art Style Rotohex

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> Toki Tori / 9 /
GOOD Fun, Difficult, Lovely, Long
BAD Difficult, it can get repetitive if you don't like to think much.
RESUME: Puzzle at its best

> Bonsai Barber / 9.5 /
GOOD Fun, Addictive, Relaxing, Refining, Intelligent, surprise factor
BAD nothing yet
RESUME: Original Intelligent and Fresh

> POP / 4 /
BAD Dumb multiplayer, retarded gameplay (repeat waves), you cant save.
RESUME: Bad Game

> Bomberman Blast / 9 /
GOOD Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, customization, online, modes.
BAD Too much going on, too much players, too much items, distracting backgrounds, online lagging
RESUME: Infinite Replay Value and Fun

> Tetris Party / 8.5 /
GOOD Online, modes, new items, balance support
BAD Lack of refinement, some modes are not fun.
RESUME: Infinite Replay Value

> World of Goo / 9 /
GOOD Excellent Art direction, excellent music, great variety of puzzles
BAD Easy (without OCD) Hard (with OCD)
RESUME A good puzzle ride

> Mega Man 9 / 8 /
GOOD Old-school, retro, 8bit, hard, cool-hard
BAD Last section of the game is too hard some times, you cant save in the Fortress.
RESUME Nostalgia now

> MaBoShi / 7.5 /
GOOD Original concept, some moments are enjoyable
BAD Sometimes it gets boring.
RESUME An original and strange Japanese Arcade

> Table Tennis / 5 /
GOOD A mindless time consumer, good for little childen
BAD Short, easy, mindless, lack of modes, lack of characters, lack of dept, lack of presentation
RESUME Babies game



Bomberman Blast is the only game I've bought for WiiWare so far. Who needs anything else? Being able to shake the Remote to blast off is the greatest feeling in a Bomberman game yet. Even more so than blowing up Milon...


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Here is what I have downloaded:

Dr. Mario Online RX: Its a great game and is very addictive, online is great and Virus Buster is pretty nice too. 9/10
Lostwinds: I don't know why but this game is incredibly boring to me, some puzzles are too hard or too easy, controls were unresponsive and just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. 4/10
World of Goo: A new and great take on puzzle games. 10/10
Final Fantasy CC: MLAAK: A great simulation, that was very enjoyable. Its a new take on managing a city and is true to the final fantasy universe. 9/10
Groovin Blocks: A unique puzzle/rhythm game with some pretty hard difficulty. 7/10
Magnetica Twist: Very fun like the DS game, but is very short. 7/10
Defend Your Castle: A fun game taken from flash. 8/10

Thats all I've downloaded so far.



My Downloads:

Dr Mario Online RX: man does this game suck - it's almost as worthless as Pop'Em Drop'Em: Same Game (3/10)

Pop'Em Drop'Em: Same Game: A total waste of money - if you have access to the Internet, download an alternative for free (2/10)

Lostwinds: Great game but waaaay to short. I've completed it five times now (the last time after about a year after the fourth play-through) and can finish it easily within 1 hour and a half. Still worth the money if you haven't already got it (8/10)

World of Goo: A great little puzzle game - beautifully atmospheric - but gets a bit samey over prolonged (30 minute+) play sessions. (9/10)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King: Another stunner - it's expensive and again a little repetitive and samey but I find I can play this game for longer than World of Goo. The DLC is a mix of worth it and not worth it (avoid the costumes!) (9/10)

Actionloop (Magnetica) Twist: Great little puzzle game, never had a problem with the controls but I can see where people might find it uncomfortable over long periods of play. Could have done with online play. (8/10)

Pop: Ugh - the worst of the bunch - don't even buy this unless you've a masochist. (1/10)

Niki: Rock and Ball: Sadly the second of two Bplus games that suck. I'm impressed with the company's determination to produce something unique but - come on guys - make something that plays good too! (2/10)

Plattchen: I hate this game so much I'm not even going to write the full title out. (1/10)

Bomberman Blast: The first in a line of Hudson game's I've downloaded that are solid but unspectacular. Good online that suffers from the slowness of WiiConnect24 and some loopholes that make matches unfair due to cheating. (7/10)

Alien Crush Returns: Solid, looks good but somehow sadly lacking that something special that made Devil's Crush so good. (7/10)

Fun Fun Minigolf: The spawn of satan and it wants your money. You'd get more satisfaction spending £7 on a hooker (2/10)

Toki Tori: Now we're talking - a superb puzzle game that I REALLY hope there's going to be a sequel to. (9/10)

Brain Challenge: It's nothing spectacular, but it's not that bad either. Doesn't get hard enough to warrant the effort to reach completion though. (6/10)

Equilibrio: Nice puzzle game which presents quite a challenge. The visuals are nothing to write home about and the controls can be a little touchy but nothing that practice won't compensate for. (7/10)

Snowboard Riot: Another solid but unspectacular Hudson game. I enjoyed this a little more than I expected and don't know why people consider the game play to be so unfair. Maybe it's all those hours I spent getting three shells up the arse in Mario Kart Wii's final stages. (8/10)

Bubble Bobble Plus: Apart from the rather obtuse manner in which high scores are posted online, this is a great return to form. The graphics are a little jaggy and I hope that gets resolve. The DLC is well worth the money even if it does seem a little expensive. (9/10)

Space Invaders Get Even: I love this game! Sure it's 2000 points for the whole package but it's worth every penny. (9/10)

Star Soldier R: Oh Star Solider R - how many hours have I spent playing you, trying to keep my place within the top 50 in 2 minutes mode? Despite the cost this is a great little shmup and the 5 minute mode end-boss is a swine to beat! (8/10)

Cocoto Fishing Master: It's OK actually - I quite enjoyed playing for a while although it does get very familiar quickly and it is quite slow paced. The graphics are very good - particularly the ancient fish. (7/10)

First you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women.


Oops, I forgot Strong Bad Episode 1: It's ok although I found it so boring I never bothered to progress past part 1. (5/10)

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First you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women.


I've got a lot; mostly VC stuff:

  • ActionLoop (PAL)
  • Alien Crush Returns (PAL)
  • Art Style: Cubello (PAL)
  • Art Style: Orbient (PAL)
  • Art Style: Rotohex (PAL)
  • Bubble Bobble Wii (JPN)
  • Dr. Mario/Germ Busters (PAL)
  • Equilibrio (PAL)
  • Gradius ReBirth (JPN)
  • Kimi to Boku to Rittai (JPN)
  • Let's Zenryoku Hitchhike! (JPN)
  • Ma Bo Shi (PAL)
  • Midnight Pool (PAL)
  • Mr. Driller World (JPN)
  • Overturn (JPN)
  • Pole's Big Adventure (JPN)
  • Puzzle Bobble Wii (JPN)
  • Shootanto Kakohen (JPN)
  • Space Invaders Get Even (PAL)
  • Tetris Party (PAL)
  • Wild West Guns (PAL)
  • Yakuman Wii (JPN)
  • Ai Cho Aniki (JPN - PCE)
  • Alien Crush (PAL - TG16)
  • Balloon Fight (PAL - NES)
  • Bare Knuckle II (JPN - MD)
  • Bomberman '93 (PAL - TG16)
  • Bonanza Bros. (JPN - MD)
  • Chelnov (JPN - MD)
  • Crack Down (PAL - GEN)
  • Devil's Crush (PAL - TG16)
  • Dragon Saber (JPN - PCE)
  • Elevator Action (JPN - FC)
  • Golden Axe (JPN - MD)
  • Jumpman (PAL - C64)
  • Liquid Kids (JPN - PCE)
  • Ninja Spirit (PAL - TG16)
  • Paradroid (PAL - C64)
  • Parasol Stars (JPN - PCE)
  • R-TYPE (PAL - TG16)
  • Rolling Thunder 2 (JPN - MD)
  • Soldier Blade (PAL - TG16)
  • Space Invaders: The Original Game (PAL - SNES)
  • Star Force (PAL - ARC)
  • Star Parodia (JPN - PCE)
  • Super Darius (JPN - PCE)
  • Super Darius II (JPN - PCE)
  • Super Fantasy Zone (JPN - MD)
  • Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (PAL - SNES)
  • Super Shinobi (JPN - MD)
  • Wonder Momo (JPN - PCE)

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defend your castle
bomberman blast
world of goo
dr. mario
bit trip beat



Bomberman Blast
Mega Man 9



Wow Sean- you even have them alphabatized! I'm envious of you and your japanese Wii.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
Dr. Mario
World of Goo
Cue Sports
Tetris Party
Tiki Towers

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pOp, Bomberman Blast, FFCC: My Life as A King, Lost Winds, Toki Tori, My Pokemon Ranch, Groovin Blocks, BIT.TRIP.BEAT, Strong Bad CGFAP Eps 1-3, Megaman 9, Defend Your Castle, Tetris Party and Tiki Towers.


(in no real order and I may miss some here....)

World of Goo
The 3 (so far) Art Style games
Defend your castle

Oh and I live in europe. So we dont have Bit Trip Beat or LIT yet when they come out I shall get em.

And lastly there are still a few I want to buy (etc Megaman 9)



bomberman blast
Strongbad 1-4



Calculon... you are hard to please haha



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