Topic: Would you like a sequel to Castlevania Rebirth?

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I'd like one based on Belmont's Revenge. Four distinctly unique stages - air, plant, earth and crystal. Then the last three stages are set in Dracula's castle. The gameplay would be pretty much the same as the first Rebirth game but with completely different stages.

Or is there another existing Castlevania game you'd rather see a retelling of?

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That would be cool, but really I want to see Konami start supporting the VC again before they release more WiiWare games.



Bloodlines needs to be on VC first but after that yes absolutely. Rebirth was a little too short though.
If Konami ever does more Wiiware games then for gods sake make them longer. Five levels is a joke.
A game you can beat in 30 minutes is just so dissapointing.

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they need to pull an interplay and put sotn on wiiware. cuz i've never played it and i want to play it and konami should cater to my every whim cuz i spent a fortune on those damn yugioh cards when i was in middle school. THEY OWE ME MY CHILDHOOD!!

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Bleh, give me a sequel to Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. You can call it Final Fantasy IV: The Years After the After Years

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Well more 2D Castlevania is most often a good thing. And it suits the "N Ware" platforms very well.
That said i'd like a game in the same vein on 3DS Ware or DSiWare first.


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