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Yeah. There's no way I can do anything with that code, but I get all tingly thinking about a fan sequel or two being worked on by talented people...




This isn't the World of Goo source code, it's a modified version of it's framework. Do you realize if they released the source code, everyone could build the game for free?

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Games can be built with the framework from as well

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Uh... not that kind of 'built'. He means a software build; converting a program from the source code (the raw, usually human readable to some degree programming language that the software is written in) into an executable file (instructions that your computer can use to run the program). Compiling.

The framework can be used to design and construct games, but you can't just download it and instantly get Free World Of Goo. If the source code were released, you could; you would just take the source code and compile it, generally speaking.

Sort of like the difference between giving someone a CAD engineering program and giving someone a car's worth of disassembled parts. Both of them can be used to 'make' a car, but the way in which that happens is wildly different.



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