Topic: Will you get Rage of the Gladiator this monday?

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I have 1000 pts that I am saving for cave story but this game (rage of the gladiator) looks pretty good.

Yes the graphics looks are basic but considering that is a 40 MB game it looks like a very complete game, with good content and very fun to play. And the WM+ option makes it more interesting.

So are you getting this game, or not, on day one or maybe later? Me, I may pick it later but is definitely in my wiiware list.

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I think I shall be getting it.

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Day one purchase for me.

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I'll be getting it i beleive, and yes.. cave story too

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I shall not. It reminds me a helluva lot like some PC game I played that won a bunch of awards. I can't remember the name, but I remember that it was a piece of crap. I don't think what this Rage of the Gladiators has goin' on is really my style.

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Don't see the appeal and actually pretty surprised so many people have jumped aboard the Rage of the Gladiator bandwagon. But to each their own



Maybe not on day one, but i will definitly.
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y2josh wrote:

Don't see the appeal and actually pretty surprised so many people have jumped aboard the Rage of the Gladiator bandwagon. But to each their own

Well judging the trailers it looks like a very well polished game, lots of action and fun and unlike some wiiware titles it seems like a whole full game.


well, i might consider it, but first i need the review and 1000 points

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Nope, not interested at all, never catched my eye, wait, it comes out this monday, right? Well, good for everyone waiting for it .

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IGN gave it an 8.5 and it does seem very polished and well done.



this looks like a great game and i'll definitely buy it. this company deserves a lot of credit. they have a great website too with updates and this is a wii exclusive game with wm+ support.. what more can one ask. I'm still hoping that Nintendo will finally lift that size restriction, but obviously today companies are finding more and more ways to compress that weren't possible in the past, so it's not always an issue.

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Nope. I don't have WM+ and besides, I still haven't played Punch Out. I'd go for that first.


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I won't be getting it this Monday, but I will get it within a couple of months of release. I still don't have WM+ (and no games have forced me to get it) but it is on my list of things to get, so once I do ... this game will be my first download immediately afterwards.

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Twilight+Crow wrote:

Nope, not interested at all, never catched my eye....

Same here TC.



needs motion plus so probably wont get it yet as i decided not to get red steel 2 yet am gonna wait on it but guess that will mean it wont be part of my 100 dollars worth of wii points purchase



I never buy day one, but I will be getting it within a week or two.

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I seem to remember from IGN's review that you can also play this with the Wii remote held sideways. Motion Plus is supported because the developers were listening, but I don't believe that it is necessary to enjoy the game.

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