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Hello @SKTTR

I have a little problem with Wii block space and if it's not too much trouble I'd like to ask you for help. Would it be possible to tell me how much is the Save Block size for the following games?

Cubbelo, Bubble Bobble Plus, DriftMania, Fluidity, La Mulana and MDK2

It's the save data I'm looking for, not the size of the game. I hope it's not too much to ask, can you help please?




Art Style: Cubello (Save: 1 Block)
Bubble Bobble Plus! (Save: 1 Block / DLC: 1 Block)
Driift Mania (Save: 1 Block)
Fluidity / Hydroventure (Save: 1 Block)
La-Mulana (Save: 1 Block)
MDK2 (This game was never released on the EU Wii Shop / couldn't get it)



Awesome!!!! Very happy to know each one is only 1 block. Thank you so much!!!



Is Fast Racing League on WiiWare still worth getting or has all of its content been moved over to the sequels? If it has unique tracks and racers and such I'd consider downloading it.



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