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Thanks for the advice. I've been replaying the demos to see what I still like. Dive was fun, but I remember that it has glitches that keep you from completing it, doesn't it? So I'll probably pass. The only reason I didn't get Jett Rocket when it came out was because I had just gotten Mario Galaxy and didn't want two similar-styled games, so I may go with that now. I wish I had more than 2500 points, because I also want some VC games and that doesn't leave much. Also, I didn't care for the Robox demo, I've played La Mulana and Cave Story on PC, and I already have Fluidity, so those are out.



Xyphon22 wrote:

Dive was fun, but I remember that it has glitches that keep you from completing it, doesn't it?

No. You can complete the game. There are 10 levels and at the end of each is a main treasure. Also there are several small treasures which are optional. There are glitches in the maps that prevent you from getting all small treasures. (There is one small treasure you can't get in level 7 and two in level 10 when I remember correctly.) To complete the game you don't need any small treasure!

Also there are achievments which can be done like:

  • completing the full diving equipment
  • reaching a certain depth
  • collecting all main treasures
  • collecting all small treasures

Apparently the "collect all small treasures" achievment cannot be done, because the glitches in the map prevent this. That means in other words: From all achievment-medals you can get, there's one that you can't get due to the faulty maps. That's all. (At least in the European version.)

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The things you can and cannot complete in DIVE:


Equipment: 100% all maxed out.

Dolphin Statues: 9 / 9

Big Treasure: 23 / 23


Money: 85850/85850 --- I think you could get a bit more money if you could reach all small treasures, but you can't so this is maxed out.

Small Treasure: 352 / 355 --- Three small treasures are not obtainable due to buggy collision detection / "invisible wall" bug: There's 1 unreachable treasure in Stage 6, and 2 unreachable treasures in stage 10.

Achievements: 9/10 --- The final achievement can't be unlocked as you can't reach all small treasures.

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Hi. I've got 2000 points and I don't know what to with them. There some games in which I'm interested and I'd be thankful to get some advice:
Mega Man 9
Mega Man 10
Fast League
Pearl Harbor
Tomena Sanner
DKC2 and DKC3
Kirby 64
Ogre Battle 64 (This one is too long, not sure about it)
Cave Story. I'm waiting for the eshop version.


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I definitely recommend Tomena Sanner. Despite the review for Kirby 64 on this site, it was actually my favourite of the games on the Kirby Dream Collection disc: it's kind of interesting because it's 3D in appearance, but you follow a very linear path through the game. I haven't played the other games you're asking about.


Of those games I recommend DKC2 and 3. Definately worth 800pts each.

And Driift Mania. A very fun 8-player racer in the vein of Super Off-Road and Super Sprint easily worth the 800pts as well.


I recommend Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
Though it has an unfair and totally unjustifiable review on "some websites" , it is a really great game. For me it is one of the best if not THE best Kirby game of all time. And 1000 points is a very good price for this gem. Used on amazon they go for at least 25 Euro (where I live).

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DKC2 is one of the finest platformers ever made. Seriously.

Kirby 64 is also pretty great as long as you don't mind Kirby being a little bit slower than usual.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 better be happening! In the meanwhile though, here's a fun little Let's Play of the original. Think you'll like the game if you like Zelda!

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I've got 600 Wii points, and have n idea what to spend it on.
Anyone here know of a good Wiiware or VC for that many points.

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So it has to be exactly 600 points you want to spend? No 500?

In that case, have you tried one of the Art Style games? They're all great. Hope you find one of them useful.

Uh.. just realised there aren't really many 600pts-games on WiiWare...
There's Robocalypse Beaver Defense, a tower defense game you can have fun with for a weekend. (10 story missions and 5 endless missions) It has a horrible presentation and only Wii pointer controls but it's decent still.

On VC the Turbografx games (and NES imports) are 600pts. I can't help with TG though because I wouldn't recommend Neutopia over Zelda, or Bonk over Mario. My Top 3 TG games are from the Turbografx-CD and cost 800pts anyway.

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Thanks for the update, and I don't mind if its an 500 points game, I just want to spent these points on something good, like a gem of a game that I never heard of.
I might end up getting Castlevania 3 or StarTropic, if not anything better.

For you, the day LordJumpMad graced your threads, was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.



I remember playing the Jett Rocket demo back when it was released and wasn't very impressed. I think it had to do with playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Sunshine at the time and playing it felt average.

Nearly three years later, I now want to purchase the full game because of how impressed I am. The graphics remind me of Super Mario Galaxy, the item collecting and music remind me of Spyro, futuristic setting and jet pack remind me of Ratchet and Clank and the simplicity reminds me of Crash Bandicoot.

I might just wait for the sequel, though.

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I still occasionally play uno wiiware but never with anyone on here and i think its a great game for wiiware !

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NyxQuest vs Jett Rocket?

From what I gather (please correct any mistakes or feel free to argue your opinion):

NyxQuest: Great 2D platformer, great use of Wii pointer controls, great atmosphere

Jett Rocket: Good (great?) 3D platformer, great graphics.

Jett Rocket is slightly longer than NyxQuest, but it also has more glitches. The glitches in both games seem to be only graphical glitches (no Wii crashes).

Again, correct me on anything you think is wrong! Or add more info/opinions.



@apowes: I haven't noticed any noteworthy glitches in both games. NyxQuest took me 8 days to beat, Jett Rocket 10 days. Both games have 12 levels. Both games are very good. (Both have some extras: If you find all secret items in NyxQuest you unlock a 13rd level. Jett Rockets has 20 interesting challenges.) It's a close call. I would recommend buying both but Jett Rocket looks a bit more impressive to me.

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Took me 5 hours to complete NyxQuest (find the relics in all stages), and 10 hours to complete Jett Rocket (finding all collectibles and achievements).
But yeah, NyxQuest had some great stages and physicsbased ideas, while Jett Rocket is much like Mario 64/Banjo-Kazooie.
Both have great audiovisuals, NyxQuest more on the artistic side, Jett Rocket more on the shiny tech side of things.

Both are pretty good quality platformers. Almost up there with Hydroventure, La-Mulana, Robox, LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias, and And Yet It Moves.

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Have updated and rerated my 132 WiiWare games.

Added a "missing"-tag to good, interesting or critically acclaimed games that are still missing in my collection that I might buy eventually.
Any other recommendations?

  • Action-Adventure / Exploration

01. 10/10 Hydroventure
02. 10/10 La-Mulana
03. 09/10 Robox
04. 09/10 LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias
05. 08/10 Cave Story
06. 07/10 LostWinds
07. 07/10 Anima: Ark of Sinners
08. 07/10 Blaster Master Overdrive

  • Platformers / Runners

01. 09/10 And Yet It Moves
02. 08/10 NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits
03. 08/10 Bubble Bobble Plus!
04. 08/10 Jett Rocket
06. 08/10 2 FAST 4 GNOMZ
07. 07/10 Max & the Magic Marker
08. 06/10 Rainbow Islands - Towering Adventure!
09. 06/10 Chronos Twins DX
10. 06/10 Tomena Sanner
11. 06/10 GNÖMZ
Missing: Adventure Island: The Beginning
Missing: Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth
Missing: Sonic The Hedgehog 4 - Episode I

  • Racing

01. 10/10 MotoHeroz
02. 09/10 Excitebike: World Challenge
03. 09/10 Art Style: light trax
05. 08/10 Driift Mania
06. 07/10 TNT Racers
07. 07/10 FAST Racing League
08. 04/10 Stunt Cars

  • Puzzle

01. 10/10 World of Goo
02. 09/10 Tetris Party
03. 09/10 Art Style: CUBELLO
04. 09/10 Flowerworks: Follie's Adventure
05. 09/10 Art Style: ROTOHEX
06. 08/10 Dr. Mario & Germ Buster
07. 08/10 Actionloop Twist
08. 08/10 Art of Balance
09. 08/10 ThruSpace
10. 07/10 Save the Furries
11. 07/10 LONPOS
12. 07/10 Puzzle Bobble Plus!
13. 07/10 You, Me, and the Cubes
14. 07/10 NEVES Plus
15. 06/10 Flight Control
16. 06/10 Potpourrii
17. 06/10 Bejeweled 2
18. 05/10 Pop Them, Drop Them SAMEGAME
Missing: Toki Tori
Missing: LIT
Missing: Aya & the Cubes of Light
Missing: Bobby Carrot Forever

  • Arcade Games

01. 09/10 Art Style: ORBIENT
02. 09/10 WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase
03. 09/10 Art Style: PENTA TENTACLES
04. 08/10 BIT.TRIP VOID
05. 07/10 Viral Survival
06. 07/10 lilt line
07. 07/10 escapeVEKTOR
08. 07/10 Arkanoid Plus!
09. 07/10 BIT.TRIP FATE
10. 06/10 equilibrio
11. 06/10 Muscle March
12. 06/10 BIT.TRIP FLUX
13. 06/10 BIT.TRIP BEAT
14. 06/10 Fish'em All!
15. 06/10 BIT.TRIP CORE
16. 05/10 Pop
17. 04/10 Frogger Returns
Missing: Frogger - Hyper Arcade Edition

  • Strategy / RPG

01. 10/10 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
02. 09/10 Airport Mania: First Flight
03. 08/10 Swords & Soldiers
04. 07/10 Monsteca Corral
05. 07/10 Crystal Defenders R1
06. 07/10 Crystal Defenders R2
07. 06/10 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord
08. 06/10 Robocalypse: Beaver Defense
09. 05/10 Gods vs Humans
10. 05/10 Military Madness Nectaris
11. 04/10 Trenches Generals
12. 04/10 Newton Vs. The Horde
13. 03/10 Sandy Beach
14. 03/10 Defend Your Castle
Missing: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Missing: The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Chaotic Conflicts
Missing: The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Puzzling Pages

  • Simulation

01. 08/10 Bonsai Barber
02. 07/10 Dive: The Medes Islands Secret
03. 07/10 Ant Nation
04. 06/10 Lead the Meerkats
05. 05/10 Zenquaria: Virtual Aquarium
06. 04/10 My Pokémon Ranch
07. 03/10 My Aquarium
08. 03/10 My Aquarium 2
09. 02/10 My Starry Night
10. 01/10 My Zoo
Missing: Home Sweet Home

  • Board, Cards & Quiz Games

01. 09/10 TV Show King 2
02. 09/10 Jungle Speed
03. 08/10 TV Show King
04. 08/10 5 Spots Party
05. 08/10 Texas Hold'em Tournament
06. 07/10 Brain Challenge
07. 07/10 Penguins & Friends - Hey! That's My Fish!
08. 07/10 UNO
09. 06/10 Ghost Mansion Party
10. 06/10 Texas Hold 'Em Poker
11. 05/10 Picturebook Games: A Pop-Up Adventure!
12. 04/10 Chess Challenge!
13. 02/10 Pop-Up Pirate!
14. 01/10 Family & Friends Party

  • Shooters

01. 09/10 Retro City Rampage
02. 08/10 Water Warfare
04. 07/10 Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem
05. 06/10 Zombie Panic in Wonderland
06. 05/10 Onslaught
07. 05/10 530 Eco Shooter
Missing: Contra Rebirth
Missing: Gradius Rebirth
Missing: Mega Man 9
Missing: Mega Man 10
Missing: Protöthea
Missing: Horizon Riders

  • Multiplayer

01. 08/10 Pokémon Rumble
02. 07/10 Happy Hammerin'
03. 06/10 Bomberman Blast
04. 06/10 chick chick BOOM
05. 05/10 MaBoShi
06. 04/10 Brain Cadets

  • Adventures

01. 09/10 Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney
02. 09/10 Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney: Justice For All
03. 09/10 Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney: Trials and Trubulations
04. 08/10 Tales of Monkey Island - Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal
05. 08/10 Tales of Monkey Island - Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay
06. 08/10 Tales of Monkey Island - Chapter 3: Lair of the Leviathan
07. 08/10 Tales of Monkey Island - Chapter 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood
08. 08/10 Tales of Monkey Island - Chapter 5: Rise of the Pirate God
09. 07/10 Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People - Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner
10. 07/10 Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People - Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free
11. 07/10 Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People - Episode 3: Baddest of the Bands
12. 07/10 Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People - Episode 4: Dangeresque 3
13. 07/10 Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People - Episode 5: 8-Bit Is Enough
Missing: Fenimore Fillmore: The Westerner

  • Fighting

01. 09/10 Toribash: Violence Perfected
02. 06/10 EAT! FAT! FIGHT!
Missing: Rage of the Gladiator

  • Sports

01. 08/10 Rock N' Roll Climber
02. 06/10 Let's CATCH
03. 06/10 CueSports: Snooker vs Billiards
04. 05/10 Football Up!
Missing: FUN! FUN! Minigolf


Try Lit or Liight. With all the games you have I'm surprised you haven't tried either of those.



I played through the LIT demo, and while it was an original puzzler, I felt you could only do so much with it. Is there more variety later on? How many stages/hrs of gameplay?

Liight was always on my wanted-list, but it never got an EU release unfortunately.


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