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Space Quest VII should come to WiiWare, and not at all like the bullhonkey that was Mask of Eternity. SQ7 should be true to its roots, a simple point-and-click adventure game with clever humor.

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Sega Revival Series. They could make sega classics with updated graphics and sound and what not. My most anticipated game would be Pulseman Revival.

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Didn't they already do that with the Sonic collection?

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@SonicMaster: I rather they just make some new games. Not re-releasing old sega games like they have been doing since sonic mega collection. And I believe Pulseman doesn't belong to Sega.

On topic: I loved to see a good shmup (star soldier r was too short), racer (with wifi, and snowboard riot didn't get good reviews), fighter(w/ wifi) and a beat em up on WiiWare.

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Why can't Metroid crawl?
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I want a huge Chao Garden with lots of diversity and possibilities. 1200-1500 Points.

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I want an old school 2d top down loz game. hellz yea.



MLaaMGR-OA(My Life as a Money Grabbing Rip-off Artist), more serious answer a 2D Sonic in the style of Sonic 3, lost count of how often I've said so, but that is what I would want, and I actually like the MLaa series but you can't deny the pricing of the DLC is a bit over the top.



I want Adventures of Lolo 4. It would be in 3D but would still play pretty much the same. It would take place in the Kirby universe with familar enemies from the Kirby games.

I actually like the MLaa series but you can't deny the pricing of the DLC is a bit over the top.

Actually, yes. 1500 points for the basic MLaa game is a bargain. If it cost what it was worth in terms of money spent on developing them, it would be well over 2000 points. But I wouldn't give any basic WiiWare game over 2000 points a chance and neither would a lot of other people; which is why they under-sold the game at 1500 points. Thats where the DLC comes in. You're not supposed to download ALL the content available. I'd be a dumb Bass if I did. You're just supposed to download what you want or need. If you want/need it all then its your money you're wasting.

However, The After Years offers a decent download for each additional chapter. 300 Points for six hours long game? Thats a good price. Taken individually, a single chapter can offer more enjoyment and better value for money than even some 1000 point WiiWare games. And several chapters, well, that pushes The After Years to being one of the best games on WiiWare. Obviously not the most original, but I did quite enjoy it.

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Yall should put some game demos on here scince they took them off from wii shop please do!!

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I still want a really good mini-golf game. wii motion plus support, maybe 72 holes, great playablility, I want challenging holes, i don't need all the windmills and dinosaurs and such unless they actually add something to the holes and challenge, online support that is wii speakable but also with the option to play and talk to anyone not just friends, because well who doesn't want to talk smack while playing mini-golf and if possible the ability to create and upload holes and download others,

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I think it'd be interesting if instead of a tower defense game someone made a SRPG style game because look at Crystal Defenders, it uses the assets from the tactics games so why can't they just make a Tactics level pack?

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