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An RTS with online play and uses a hexagonal map like Military madness. I do not like turn based strategy games.

Retro Studios, go reboot Star Fox. The franchise needs it.

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I want another LostWinds sequel.



Pinball games, online leaderboards, motion-based table bumping, and great tables!
Alien Crush Returns was all of these things except the great tables. The powers made it pretty enjoyable despite that.



ALL the ones that the US already have that are on my instaDL list!

Besides that:

Shadow's Tale, Line Attack Heroes (rumoured to be coming onto wiiware anyway), Cocoto Magic Circus&Festival (shooting gallery games), Puzzle Quest 1 or an all new one (prefer that on dsiware if it were possible), Super Mario Bros 4 or Super Mario World 2 in the 16 bit style ,


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I'd really like more point-and-click adventure games, tower defense games, and good turn-based rpg's. I'd also really love a sequel to Water Warfare with Wii Speak capabilities and improved internet play.

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1, Mega Man 11
2. Little Nemo the Dream Master 2
3. Streets of Rage 4



Lit 2

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Remake of the Four Swords

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I want a new Contra, preferably in 2.5D like Sonic 4. Contra Rebirth is cool, but a bit to short.



A Star Trek game of any kind. Seriously, Conquest just isn't enough!

I'd love to see LittleWing Pinball's tables (when I asked them about this they said no plans, but they're happy to license them if anyone wants to pony up the cash and take the time to do a quality port) - especially Monster Fair and Fairy Tower.

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Anyone remember The Incredible Machine (TIM) games on the PC? They were puzzle games where you connected broken pieces of a crazy contraption, usually to get one object or person from one place to the other. I miss those games. Would love to see a Wiiware game like this and motion controls would be perfect.



@Vay - dude i LOVED the first one! My first CD-Rom equipped computer (the 486 I think) came with a pack of games of which that was one. It also had this Sierra game called something-Brain....there were a bunch of genuinely challenging puzzles and I miss those days Back before I was super spoiled/jaded...

But yeah--I agree with the cool mini golf game idea. That'd be nice. I also agree with the hot-seat and online-multi Catan idea...I don't know why that feature isn't present in every single boardgame-typed game for any system.

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I want a Waluigi Pinball. Heck yeah.

Also, wiiware seems prime for smaller Nintendo titles that can't really be expanded into massive games. As with Excitebike World Rally and Dr Mario (and Blast Master Overdrive for Sunsoft), Wiiware is a great way to put a nice new sheen on old games while retaining the same gameplay. Just think of a new wiiware Ice Climbers, Mach Rider, Ballon Fight... it'd be awesome.



Swerd_Murd wrote:

@Vay - dude i LOVED the first one! My first CD-Rom equipped computer (the 486 I think) came with a pack of games of which that was one. It also had this Sierra game called something-Brain...

Castle of Dr. Brain?

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I'd like to see a good one that's for sure.

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