Topic: What Games Do You Want Ported To WiiWare

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zezhyrule wrote:

V8+Ninja wrote:

-Any NES-N64 Zelda (preferably A Link to The Past)

Why? They are all already on VC...

It would be interesting to see what the games would look like with modern hardware.

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fancy pants adventure =)

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Outrunner wrote:

Chu Chu Rocket!!!

I can't understand why Chu Chu Rocket hasn't been remade yet. It's a great action/puzzle game and the multiplayer is sublime. A DS or WiiWare version would be great, especially with voice chat included!


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If I was to seriously respond to this it would be a list of a ton of classic games from my gaming Golden Age: 1980-1983.

Generally speaking I'd love to see a raft of vector graphics games a la Geometry Wars.

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I answer this question with the same answer I'd give if it were retail. I don't want ports, I want games that take advantage of what the Wii has to offer input wise. Sometimes that may lead to a PC port, but I'm talking about accelorometer and pointer stuff. World of Goo, Swords and Soldiers, Max and the Magic Marker, NyxQuest, Lost Winds etc. The type of games Nintendo encourages, simple, inventive and fun.

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I don't think puzzle games I've played on the super tactile dsi would be AS appealing on the point and click wii tbh. I'd still download them, but the ds is generally a superior console for most kinds of puzzle games (not ALL kinds) imho.


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Definitely duck hunt, though a VC version with the pointer emulating the NES zapper would work too. I also used to play this old PC game called Chip's Challenge where you basically had to solve all these maze/puzzle rooms. I would love to play that game again on WW or DSiWare.

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geek-master wrote:

fancy pants adventure =)

This. And also any Nitrome game.

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I don't want ports of games already available for other systems. I want new unique games.


I'd like to see some remakes of old arcade NES games like Clu Clu Land, Lolo, Ice Hockey, Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, ... Excitebike is a beginning.


One... two words: Super Tennis. Make it like Excitebike - new 3D visuals, same 2D view, online play, points to unlock new stuff, button-based gameplay with motion-controls optional. Ahh, that'd be so awesome.



Kid Icarus, unless they make it a full disc game

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Ricardo91 wrote:


they already remade it with zero mission, but metroid II, there's one in need of a do-over. the only metroid i've never played, since i never had a game boy. if they did remake it it'd probably wind up on the DS though.

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Id love to see a Doodle Jump for WiiWare


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Machu wrote:

Two games that I've been playing lots of recently, both I think would be perfect for WiiWare...

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maybe you could play that game with the balence board?

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