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I have HD Remix on PS3. Graphics are very nice, as is the character selection. My main problem with the game and with IV is that the moves are too complicated and too many. I always found MK had a more manageable selection of special moves (except for Sheng Tsung, of course) that are much easier to pull off. Of course, Smash Brothers is the king of accessible special moves.

Easier the game is to play, the more people that will get good at it, and the more fun it will be due to more varied ideas coming into play from different types of players. It would be great if Capcom released a simplified SFII where special moves don't involve those awkward circular motions or forward-down-diagonal weirdness on WiiWare, perhaps even with a special move button akin to Smash Brothers. Perhaps the ones on VC are good enough, but I wouldn't know. I only have the original at the moment, haven't tried the others yet.

That said, I'm satisfied with the original for now. I prefer it to the HD Remix (though there are definitely some good things done with that version).

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I reckon EA should get on the bandwagon and do a re-release of Beetle Adventure Racing with DLC cars and tracks. We still need a decent racer and sadly it doesn't look like the average Hot Rod Racer (or whatever it's called) from HIgh Voltage is coming across the pond any time soon.

Other than that I'd agree with a 2D/2.5D Sonic or a remake of Streets of Rage.

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Remember the e-levels from Super Mario Advance 4? They had new enemies, new power ups, veggies, and A-coins. Japan got all of these levels. Unfortunately, the US and Australia got 1/3 of them, and Europe didn't get any at all. Nowadays, its hard to find them in any of the regions. An idea I had is to take all of the e-levels, and make an entirely make a new SMB3 out of it. Like making new SMB3 style maps. Put it on the shop for 800 Wii points, and it will sell like hotcakes.


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I'd like to see a Treasure made WiiWare title. Maybe another Gunstar Heroes?

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I'm all about the Chu Chu Rocket myself. That game is just begging for a WiiWare release.

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